Stuffed two headed calf

Hey old timers does anyone remember or know the whereabouts of the stuffed, two headed calf that was once on display at Dad and Lads?

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
2 weeks ago

Wow, I remember that when I was a little kid. Always creeped me out. Maybe Dad gave it to his lad. Just kidding :) I wonder what did happen to it. Hmmm

two heads are better than one!

we have to put our heads together to figure this out!!!!!

maybe they just went their separate ways?

Please, people... conjoined bovine.

My son says he remembers a catdog, but no bovines

Re: Stuffed two headed calf


bflat4u bflat4u
1 week ago

Re: Stuffed two headed calf

I remember the stuffed mounted two headed calf at the Dad & Lad clothing store. That was a popular taxidermy gimmick by companies that made deer mounts for hunters. Taxidermists made all types of odd mounts including Jackalopes. Here is a picture of a stuffed two headed calf. To take this a bit further who remembers the man out along Rt 46 near Pequest who ran a carnival sideshow business. He would buy any odd livestock from local farmers like Chickens with two heads or animals that were abnormal.The animals would be part of his sideshow business.

Re: Stuffed two headed calf

thanks Duke, you just ruined my childhood belief I don't know what is fact and what is fiction.

bflat4u bflat4u
1 week ago

Interesting. I never put much thought into it but I guess I figured the two headed animals were glued and stapled together from two separate animals. I never considered they were conjoined births.

1 week ago

Duke- I remember going to that place with my dad and seeing a 2 headed calf. Mid 50s I think. Believe it was just west of the hatchery entrance on 46.

The stuffed, two headed calf at Dad & Lad was becoming moth eaten. It was given to Wild West City.
thanks for remembering

michael weiss
1 week ago

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