Ideal running location

Hello , I am seeking suggestions on safe places to go running or exercising. Ideally a safe, quiet location away from erratic motorists. Thank you in advance.

Riverfront Park, Field of Dreams, Stephens state park. There are lots of places locally.

Are you looking for trail running or pavement? Warren County Community College has a newly paved running/walking path. So does Thomas Stewart Park in Stewartsville. Also check out your high school track.

I would utilize Riverfront Park. It's a nice mix of pavement and/or gravel, but you can also run along the side of it once you are outside the core. It's a decent loop and the only encounters are some other runners, an occasional bike or two, and folks walking their dogs. Plus, it's got some exercise stations, which aren't the greatest, but add a little variety.

only one truth only one truth
2 weeks ago

Columbia Trail over the mountain in Long Valley, it's a rail trail, so it's really more flat path. I ran there for many years.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago

1+ for Columbia Trail
If you can download the All Trails App, it will give you lots of info on Running/Cycling/Walking trails, from user reviews, elevation, points of interest, etc.

Columbia Trail is wonderful, if you stick closer to the Flanders side, it has no hills. Riverfront Park and Field of Dreams are also two of my favorites.

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

Field of Dreams - (Independence) or Meadow Breeze Park (Washington, NJ).

I've heard Columbia Trail was good, but I pass there almost every day & there are usually a lot of cars. I wouldn't think it would be a quiet place. There's walkers, runners, dog walkers & bike riders. Guess you could give it a try.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
2 weeks ago

Columbia Trail is FAR FAR more busy than it used to be. I ran there all the time, ALONE, when I lived across the street. But don't let the full parking lots fool you: most people don't go in further than about a mile. Once you get that far out, you are more alone.

And I barely count the bikes, as they go right by you and disappear, so they are only "with you" for a minute.

IF you can find a damned parking spot...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago

IF you can find a damned parking spot...

True. It wasn't that bad before covid. I used to ride my bike there a lot.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
2 weeks ago

Columbia trail has many access points, the busiest ones would be Long Valley, Califon, Highbridge, and Flanders. There are other access points with places to park along the trail that aren’t as busy.

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