Lost CAT -- Siamese

Lost CAT -- Siamese

Our Siamese cat got out on Sunday night (Feb. 26). He has a gray face, ears, legs, back, and off-white.
His name is ODIE and answered to his name. He is 3 years old and friendly.

My name and address is Doris Midili
49 Farview Drive (off Route 46), Hackettstown


Please check your Sheds, garage, under your deck.
We are heartbroken.
Reward for finding him.
Thank you for your help!

Doris Midili Doris Midili
Feb '23

Need to clarify your location. Is this the Farview Avenue that is in Independence Township, just off Route 46 in the Vienna Hill area?
Put something with your scent or his scent outside by your house or deck. Also, go out at night with a flashlight and shine it under things like cars, sheds, bushes. His eyes will reflect the light. You could put some of his favorite (smelly) food out during the day, but it might attract the wrong kind of critters at night.
Good luck.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
Mar '23

Odie is Microchipped!

Address is 49 Farview Dr.
We are located in Independence Twp.

Doris Midili Doris Midili
Mar '23

Try shaking his favorite bag of treats and call to him outside around dusk or dawn (if he recognizes the sound like my friend's cat he'll come running)

Bookworm Bookworm
Mar '23

Post on Facebook,Lost Pets in your area.
Call WMTR on the hill , they have a lost pets announcement!
Also, Petfinders website and I will help you if needed:)
Good luck and call local vet offices as well, sometimes someone will drop off a lost pet there :)

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