Trees by the town pool

It looks like another mature tree is being taken down near the town pool in Hackettstown. Does anyone know why? Several others were removed last year. It will be a hot time at the pool this summer.

tree lover tree lover
Feb '23

Cal DPW. (908) 852 2320. They will have the answer you are looking for. Leave a message and Kathy will return your call.

If it's in the pool complex, call the Recreation Dept.

Feb '23

True the pool is managed by the Rec department however the DPW handles tree removal services on all town properties. They populate and manage the list of trees to remove or prune for the vendor, Peterson's Tree Service.

They don't take down trees unless it is dying/dead or near power lines etc. As everyone said above, call the appropriate department and ask or just bring an umbrella to the pool.

Feb '23

If it was an ash tree they are all eventually coming down

Michigan Michigan
Feb '23

Emerald Ash Borer infestation?

Feb '23

Yeah, that fungus really kicked my ash.

Babbit Babbit
Feb '23

no ground umbrellas permitted

ole' timer
Feb '23

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