My wife is Korean

Who would be interested in a Korean "festival day" at the parking lot at Lowes, I can get permit and some commercial and individuals could demonstrate Korean culture and food. Would that be interesting to any of you?

Feb '23

You would most likely be better served by joining the Community Day held there in the fall or perhaps having a booth or table at one of the events the Hackettstown BID puts together such as the Spring Festival. If exposing folks to Korean foods, culture etc. is the goal, that would be a start.

Say "bulgogi" and I'll be there (-;

ianimal ianimal
Feb '23

Sounds awesome. If there's Korean BBQ; I'm there!

Feb '23

If you have several food vendors that would be a great idea and I would go

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Feb '23

I would definitely check it out

Feb '23

I would definitely be interested

Jrsemom Jrsemom
Feb '23

I look forward to a North Korean festival

I’m craving for some bibimbap and some sujeonggwa …I’m in !

I'd def check it out.

Absolutely. I would definitely come.

Katie Bochenski Katie Bochenski
Feb '23

I would be interested wherever you set it up. Having other types of food vendors with you would be a good idea, too.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
Feb '23

Count me in!

Maythree Maythree
Feb '23

"Having other types of food vendors with you would be a good idea, too."

That dilutes the intent & purpose...

I would attend.

Hammer Hammer
Feb '23

I thought the thread topic was "MY WIFE IS A KAREN" Didn't think we needed a festival for them. haha

Feb '23

That I would actually love to attend, Skipper! LOL


Harker Harker
Feb '23

Such a wonderful idea! I would definitely attend as well..

joyful joyful
Feb '23

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