Warren County in the News - 2023 Edition

The shooter was from Washington. Terrible situation for all.


Fatal motorcycle accident on RT80 West just past exit 12.

An update regarding the deadly crash on Rt 57 in Washington when a drunk drove his truck into the second floor of a home.


That driver deserves a long prison sentence.

I saw that piece too, Greg. Heartbreaking. Also quite abominable the driver is walking around freely.
I don’t think it was mentioned in the piece, but is there a reason the house hasn’t been demolished yet if they are rebuilding?

I agree, both heartbreaking on one front and an outrage on another.

They intend to live on the property once the house is demolished and a new one constructed.

Amazing that there were no serious injuries in this accident. How in the world does someone approach an accident scene with so many flashing lights from all of the emergency vehicles and not slow down? Baffling.


FarmerJake FarmerJake
February 26th

RE: being out on bail. Probably because it was not premediated or "planned."

However, rest easy, chances are it will not change his time in jail by even a minute.

Hopefully has an anklet, he would and should run.

Meanwhile, he walks around wondering, worrying, kvetching about his fate, perhaps even hopeful he will still get a break. He won't, he is just delaying the inevitable truth that the longer he is out, the older he will be upon release.

Plus, he is a walking pariah. Everywhere he goes, everyone he meets gives him that funny look reserved for looking at the damned. Everyone looks at him with a forgone conclusion on his fate. He may be free, but he is in a solitary prison of his own making. You can bet his relationships and friendships are pretty much over or severely damaged. Probably wishes he could just get it over with and get on with it.

Not baffling, fog was real bad that night- 1/4 mile visibility at the most.

That dude made a terrible choice Babbit. No one drives drunk with the intent to kill somebody, and certainly with no intent to take flight into the second story of a home. The courts are so backed up right now he will be free for a little while longer. He should be sitting in a jail cell.

OP - I didn’t realize that it was foggy that night. So maybe it’s not baffling, but it’s still inexcusable. Every driver should know enough to slow down due to unfavorable weather conditions. And an operator of an emergency vehicle should be especially careful. I don’t care how foggy it was, the lights of 5-10 emergency vehicles would be visible from quite a distance.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
February 26th

I agree. While he may, I assume, have terrible remorse and understands his life is over as he knows it, he could very well be drinking it up possibly putting others in peril again figuring he has nothing to lose. A cell is where he should be.

Crash video. Scary drivers out there on the roads.


3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
6 days ago

That whole program was shooting fish in a barrel for scores and scores of criminals. Included are employees of the IRS. Just think of the folks who stole and have not been caught. A complete unnecessary debacle in my book.



3 yrs. for 1.8 million? Sentence is way too soft.

ole' timer
5 days ago

3 years and 3.6 million for 1.8 million

ianimal ianimal
5 days ago

Still too soft.

ole' timer
5 days ago

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