Hackettstown 2023 Townwide Garage Sale

Does anyone have any info as to when or if Hackettstown is having their annual townwide garage sale this year? It's usually in April.

SpongeBob SpongeBob
Jan '23

It's way to early to have that on the calendar. You answered your own question. It is in April usually around the time of the spring clean up. The clean up days are April 7th and 8th this spring.

The Hackettstown Rescue Squad is working on the details. As soon as we get it okd we will announce the dates.

Irisheyes Irisheyes
Jan '23

We have placed the permit for the garage sale and waiting approval. We are planning to have it April 22nd and 23rd

Irisheyes Irisheyes
March 9th

It was posted on FB the date is April 29 & 30. Let us know if this is correct. It was a flyer from the rescue squad.

auntiel auntiel
March 25th

I see it was approved at the council meeting on Thursday with the dates being 4/29 & 4/30 from 8 am to 5 pm.

March 25th

Yes its the 29th and 30tb!

Irisheyes Irisheyes
March 25th


Irisheyes Irisheyes
April 8th

On or NOT?

Copygirl Copygirl
April 25th

? Is it on or no?

Gregg A
April 25th

Rain or shine?

There is an update on the Squads facebook page https://www.facebook.com/78Rescue.org/

Weather Buff
April 26th

Postponed to May 6/7.

mattnyd mattnyd
April 28th

Ok y'all! Who's got the maps?!

mattnyd - The maps go on sale tomorrow. They can be purchased at the Rescue Squad building on Maple Street.

I’m pooped. What a fun day. I love this sale. I don’t do it too make money. I do it too empty the basement, meet people, and most of all giving what people love to get “Bargains”!! I sold most of everything for a nickel. The look on their face is priceless. No one carries nickels anymore, they had to go back to their car to get 5 cents. I think tomorrow I’ll charge 3 cents and see the reaction, it should be really fun.

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