Fish Fry Fundraiser?

Does anyone know of a company thats comes out and does this service. I've tried Tastefully British and there was no response

Argyle Restaurant in Kearny used to cater fish fries in the area, but sadly they've gone out of business.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '23

Ian, I think the mobile business is still around. I always see them at firehouses (Mountain Lake, Roxbury, etc) Your other option is Tastefully British.

Argyle is still in business, just the mobile side of it. Argyle will be at the Mountain Lake Fire House on March 31, 2023.

Good to know... thanks, OP & JL.

ianimal ianimal
Jan '23

You are welcome.

yeah, but what about the important stuff

is there a fish fry on 3/31 or WHAT?

Babbit Babbit
Jan '23

Yes there is. Mt. Lake Fire House. It's highly recommended that you preorder as it sells out.

thank you, it's on the calendar.

eat there, take away, both?

got link, i googled and got fishing contests.....

Babbit Babbit
Jan '23

Sat. Feb 11. KofC hall, liberty st. 500pm 700pm. $ 20. Adults. Take out only. Tastefully British.

Louis Murphy Louis Murphy
Jan '23

Mt. Lake is take out only. As it gets closer, I will post on the calendar. Pick up would be 530-700.

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