Missing Black Cat

Has anyone seen a small/medium- sized adult black cat in the 300 block areas between West Plane and Center Street areas?

The kitty has a clipped ear....the clipping is not that noticeable unless you really look at the ears.

I am thinking the kitty is male, but not positive as I have never been able to get a good look to determine the sex.

The kitty is feral and has been missing for about a week.

He has been around my house area for about
1-1/2 years and is seen several times a day, but there have been no sightings for almost a week.

I just want to know if the kitty is OK. Please let me know if you have seen or have the kitty.

Thank you!

did you seen the post that said found kitten? Maybe the same cat?

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
Nov '22

Yes, that was me. But thank you for replying....The cat that I am missing is an adult cat...all black.

Any luck finding the kitty? I'm over in the apartments near Donaldson farm and saw a small/medium black cat dart under some parked cars and run through the woods toward the train tracks. A lot of strays hang out around here though. They stay close to the sewers for warmth

Summer Summer
Nov '22

No Summer, I have not seen the kitty...but thank you for the info and for asking.

The kitty has a left, clipped ear, but you really have to look at the ear to notice it.

I have a feeling that someone in my neighborhood trapped the kitty which is absolutely fine with me as long as he is safe and loved.

That person, who I am thinking might have him, made a comment on my other post of when I found a kitten. They stated that they live in my neighborhood and had tried to trap the kitten along with a few others.

I have reached out to them a few times as I am thinking that they trapped my missing black, stray cat, but they don't answer me at all.

So, I am hoping that they have him and are taking care of him.

I was going to try and trap him, but then he just disappeared. He has been around my house for about 1 and a 1/2 years and always stayed in the area.

I have reached out to Common Sense for Animals as well as Robbie, the animal control officer, but no luck.

I pray that he is safe and happy! ❤️

Well I saw the kitty again tonight and it definitely seems lost, shy but cuious. I couldn't get close enough to look at the ear or take a pic. It''s hanging out around my building and the one next to me. It ran up onto one of the vacant decks and just watched me walked by. It runs when I try to approach it so I'm keeping my distance

Summer Summer
Nov '22

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