Great Meadows power outage

Anybody else lose power?

Elementary and middle school in great meadows had no power but still had the kids come in and sit in the dark. I guess they couldn’t afford to use a “snow day” this early. They had an early dismissal at noon. I’m shocked how often I hear the power goes out in great meadows. I think I’d bite the bullet and get a full home generator if I lived out that way. I seem to read a post on here 3-4 times a year.

October 4th

It was out from about 6:54 am to 12:15 pm . It also went off and on Sunday morning . The reason most don't get an expensive instant on generator is that the outages like today are rare with the couple minutes , blink on and off to one hour disruptions being the norm from the J C P and L Amish power company . Something goes wrong in Oxford and power goes out in Great Meadows - just a very poor power grid design that they refuse to update .

Power in Great Meadows goes out every other month, invested in a whole house generator three years ago, best money I ever spent

Hadenough Hadenough
October 4th

If you have driven rt 46 along the pequest thru independece and would see why the power goes out frequently..trees too close to the power lines

It is certainly a terrible place on the grid, even after improvements over the decades.

Worse yet is Danville Mtn's feed off of the Rt 46 disaster of a single point of failure with little resiliency.

This time the dumb frack's at hqtrs posted their traditional 2 hour ETR for a high noon fix with no one on site (according to their records) at 11.45 am just before the second ETR of 2pm came up with no one on site (according to their records) at 1.45pm when they hit the second restart with the new ETR of 2pm. And with no one on site, it came up shortly after 2pm whereupon they slapped each other on the back exclaiming "we brought it in 2 hours before schedule, let's get a beer!!!"

The Great Meadows / Danville Mtn feed from Oxford has major reliability issues experienced much worse at the Danville area --- they are the LAST MEN.

A Facebook group has been started to address the Great Meadows power outage issue. Here is a link.

When you gotta worry about a little rain taking the power it’s sad. Really sad.

And now the cell tower seems to go with the power too.

Third world, sigh.

Wonderful since the "Governor" wants everyone to go total electric. Really sad state of affairs.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
1 week ago

The problem is not the desire to go all electric; the problem is the electric is not all there.

We have a problem on our local network that grants us substandard service.

I know people a heck of a lot more remote that fare better.


you are right. prove you can delivery electric before you go all electric

ole' timer
1 week ago

Don't worry big bad facebook is on the case LOL ! The only thing that will improve that power grid in the area for another 6 years or so is a hurricane on the magnitude of Hurricane Sandy or greater to knock down the trees and outdated equipment just like it did 10 years ago . Anyone who thinks different is probably still waiting for their gubmint cheese from the 80s and flying cars .

The problem is that the highlands act killed all no reason to update or modernize electricity around here

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