Will Allamuchy ever get a supermarket?

It's not too big of a deal to drive 22 minutes to Shoprite from Panther Valley.... Actually IT IS. Does anyone know if Allamuchy will ever develop some more commercial space, shops and a supermarket? It's kind of ridiculous that you have 3100 people living in a community with no market to service it in the vicinity. And Panther Valley is not the boondocks, it's right off route 80.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 27th

I think you answered your own question.

Only 3100 residents
Right off Rt 80
Only 22 minutes to several large supermarkets.

I say enjoy the rural life as it is.

If they put a supermarket right off rt80 in allamuchy..it would be packed..take a spin diwn rt 517 between 3pm to 6pm..its nasty..not to mention all the new apartments in Hackettstown and Independence on that side of town will make it even worse

No. They won't.

It's long been said Cowamuchy has more cows than people .

I hope not ever...

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
September 28th

Greg, Panther Valley in Allamuchy is NOT rural. It's typical NJ suburb housing and lifestyle. They are planning to continue building more condos here is my issue. At some point, there has to be some zoning requirements for commercial/retail at a ratio to populace.

Bug3, there's traffic everywhere in North Jersey between 3-6pm.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 28th

And that traffic will go to a supermarket on that side of town..Allamuchy is not a bubble..all the development in hackettstown and independence ( apartments) will just make things worse heading to mansfield..a supermarket would draw a big crowd

Really - where else have you lived? I have never had a market closer than ours.... and I'm not anxious for a lot more traffic coming our way

if they come, they will build it. :)

ole' timer
September 28th

Don't like it....move. Should be something you think about before moving there. Crazy concept I know...

September 28th

Panther Valley is simply an older housing development in a rural township in the north western part of NJ that happens to keep growing a bit. Certainly not an urban epicenter here in this rural portion of NJ. LOL

Now if urbanization of the area is what you are looking for, I say be cautious of what you wish for.

My thoughts are keep it as it is. A nice drive along some scenic roadways is good for what ails you. In my opinion of course.

Rumor has it that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are locked in a lawsuit fighting over which one will have the privilege of serving the affluent area of Allamuchy and Hackettstown.

Which Shoprite?
Byram may be a quicker drive than Mansfield.

Not to sound like Jim who I really like on the forms. And I love love my small town but a Trader Joe’s is never coming this far west.

I recall in discussions like this in the past it was noted there were no commercial zoning locations left in Allamuchy (or maybe it was just one parcel).

Does that ring a bell for anybody?

I think people don't do their research when moving here and then complain we don't have what they want.

IrishGirl, ever hear of progress?

Greg, all I'm asking is for 1 supermarket. Not for it to turn into Paterson, NJ.

Country, people rode on horses 100 years ago on dirt paths. Now we have cars in Allamuchy and Hackettstown.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 28th

Lol 22 mins big deal. Are you going everyday?

No worries!
A Shop Rite is opening soon next to Pub 517
However it will be Self Check Out

ChiliDog. LOL, I'll take it! After bagging your own stuff, you head over for a quick drink.

September 28th

Big bob, few times a week. That's around $5/trip for fuel. Adds up. When you've got 3 kids, it's a different paradigm than hermiting up in a shack in Allamuchy. Some of us don't have alot of time to do nothing.

When I grew up in Bergen county, we had these folks called "the Mountain People", who lived up in the Ramapo valley with no running water. They had two old pickup trucks they'd load 8 people in, and drive down to the Grand Union and do their supply run. Some of these suggestions here sound like that.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 29th

There is some commercial zoning along Rt517, however, it’s limited. Almost all of the land east of Rt517 has been purchased by the state and is preserved. The remaining parcels are zoned for public parks and education. There are some parcels on the west side of Rt517 that are zoned commercial, but there are no sewers.

The Allamuchy Land Use Board is currently updating their master plan. I suggest you go to the next meeting and let your opinions be heard. If enough people show up and request that more areas in the town be zoned commercial then the board may be inclined to make the change. Of course, then it would be up to the property owner to develop it the way they want (within the zoning restrictions).

Personally, I’d rather look at trees and farm fields…..and drive to the supermarket!

FarmerJake FarmerJake
September 29th

Why are you being so rude to the posters here and mocking the area?

Most of us moved here because it's less crowded and we like it that way. If you don't, then perhaps a move is in order.

Well said, MB.

September 29th

Somehow I just knew "Bergen County" would come into the equation...

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
September 29th

MB, maybe we should ban cars period on 517 and bring back horse and buggy? What's your point? There is the Allamuchy town mini mall already next to Panther Valley, a huge Mars/M&M corporation right on 517, two big gas stations, Quik Chek, a big bank, and another mini mall there. Nobody complained when they went up. All some of us want is ONE supermarket. Is that too much to ask for? I'm not calling for full urbanization.

And the proverbial, "Maybe move and go back where you came from" doesn't sound like a municipality that is very welcoming. This is how townships die in America.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 29th

Thanks for the sensible and informative answer! I agree, I hope the town stays relatively the same. It just makes sense to have the convenience of one market nearby. Not supporting mass development of the area, and I enjoy the scenic countryside on 517.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
September 29th

Byram Shoprite is a great store.
Or drive to Hackettstown and hit several shops.
Things could be worse (see:weather channel).

LOL just had to mention Bergen County. Kick rocks

CockInTheHenHouse CockInTheHenHouse
September 29th

"Nobody complained when they went up."

That is an entirely incorrect statement.

Interesting that Remi Martin mentioned the Ramapo Mountain People aka The Jackson Whites who are a strange part of NJ history . I read an article on them a while back in the Weird NJ magazine and I found it to be a fascinating story about people who I never knew existed in the state .


"When you've got 3 kids, it's a different paradigm than hermiting up in a shack in Allamuchy. Some of us don't have alot of time to do nothing."

After that comment and the one about "Mountain People" you expect people to be "welcoming" to you?

BTW, I've also got 3 little kids and the supermarket location is not that big of a deal.

“When I grew up in Bergen County” I stopped reading after that. This isn’t Bergen, Passaic, Essex or even Morris. I moved here BECAUSE things were spread out. A 22 minute drive? Cry harder.

September 30th

Did you not know there was not a grocery store an acceptable distance from your home when you moved here? Someone promise you they were going to build one just for you once you did? I have five young children and grocery shop once a week. I plan what I need for the week and stock up on dry and canned goods at club stores or during grocery store sales. My questions are not trying to be sarcastic at all. Just wondering why it is an issue to you now, when I am sure you must have explored the area before purchasing your home.

Kasey, it's not a huge issue. I was just simply wondering if there was a plan for one. I can name thousands of rural communities across america that have at least one market or supermarket to service it.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
October 1st

Not huge issue now but in yout original post "IT IS" lol :) In any case, guess you got your answer. Budd Lake has the same issue, they have to Flanders or Mansfield, and I wouldn't exactly call that area rural.

. I can name thousands of rural communities across america that have at least one market or supermarket to service it.

ok. go ahead

“ok. go ahead”

I think it’s because PV isn’t an actual town per se.

I’m in Belvidere and we have a small market. Great Meadows has Nykuns. I lived in a couple of small towns in VT and also TX which had the obligatory general store.

In all these instances I did make a run to The Big Store for stocking up every 2-3 weeks as the small stores were always more expensive with far less variety.

Nykuns is hardly a supermarket. It’s not even really a regular market lol

October 1st

Hackettstown, Liberty and Independence don't have a supermarket why would Allamuchy?

ole' timer
October 1st

Allamuchy needs a dollar general..basically a mini walmart with groceries

Just an FYI :

The Mall at Panther Valley, Allamuchy, is going to have a Market.
Called the Market at Panther Valley location in the middle of our mall. Building B.
This should be opening in late October or November.
Fresh Produce, Meats, Seafood, ect.
Looking forward to it.

Dollar General LOL. I would not want one near me, lower property value...


I heard a rumor about a produce market coming to Panther Valley but was told that was just a rumor. Do you know for sure? I would love it if it was true

Local Gal Local Gal
October 4th

It’s true.
I know I signed the lease.

Thanks Keith. I guess that’s pretty compelling evidence that it’s true. Can’t wait to shop there !!

Local Gal Local Gal
October 4th

Keith. I'm so excited for this! I can't wait to shop! Thanks for confirming.

October 5th

Keith, that's great news! hope it happens.

Remi Martin Remi Martin
October 5th

So instead of complaining about your $5 fuel cost to drive to shoprite, you will complain about the market’s prices which will undoubtedly be higher than a chain supermarket.

October 5th

emerald, why do you complain about this develpment?

Remi Martin Remi Martin
October 5th

You have a point emerald . Someone will complain

Gonna by a great market, you’ll pay, but it will be top of the line.

Yes, some random poster says he signed a lease so this has to be true.

There’s a sign on the former Thru Bean Cool advertising a new market.

I live in PV - if I need something quick from a market, I go to Tranquility Farms or 7-11. Granted, 7-11 is pricey so will be interesting to see what this market offiers.

Move out here from Bergen County and then want us to turn into Bergen county! Just like the people who move into Great Meadows and complain about gunshots and Island Dragway

October 21st

Ohhh, I am looking forward to it!!!

htownlifer htownlifer
October 21st

Of course people will complain and rightfully so. Downside of Warren and Sussex counties, no Wegmans and no Whole Foods...

Wegmans is in Easton and Parsipanny which also has Whole Foods . Not that far to drive and the cost of gas to drive there is a drop in the bucket compared to the astronomical property taxes of living in the neighborhood of those stores . I wish there was a store like Boscovs or the Flemington Department Store closer , but I don't mind driving to those two excellent brick and mortar gems .

Wegmans in Nazareth too. The Bridgewater location is fine with me but still a bit of time driving. Still surprised Chester doesn't have a Whole Foods or a TJs...

If a 20 minute drive to the supermarket is your chief complaint about your town, I'd say you're in pretty good shape. Allamuchy doesn't need a supermarket when you have one a town or 2 over in every direction.

October 23rd

Nope. 45 minutes on the road to and from a supermarket is just dumb. I moved from an even more rural area in Arkansas near Harrison and we had a supermarket and infrastructure within 5 minutes pretty much everywhere. This is 2022 people. Not 1938.

October 24th

Keith is it really opening? When? Anxious and yeah, I'm one of those that hates having to waste time driving to Weis, ShopRite. or Walmart when there are times I only need a few things. Waste of time, waste of gas.

October 27th

Has this store opened yet? If not, when?

htownlifer htownlifer
4 weeks ago

There is a banner in front of the store so should be opening soon.

I heard 7-11 is closing!


I’ve heard 7-11 is being sold but it will still be a 7-11

Here’s an article with more info


Local Gal Local Gal
3 weeks ago

From the article

It won't be a 7-11 when sold

The locations will be sold through a “buy one, some or all” process and without convenience store branding, according to NRC.


You’re right. I went back and reread the article. I guess all we can hope is that it’s something useful.

Local Gal Local Gal
3 weeks ago

Any news on the opening of the market in PV? I see the sign out front and hoping it's a good quick spot to shop local. Thanks

2 weeks ago

Just bumping this up, hoping for an update. LOL

1 week ago

Make 1 trip per week not three for your three kids, problem solved

4 hours ago

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