Car crash budd lake bagel

Car into building

Wow. Hope everyone is okay.
I swear someone drove into that building once before.

2 weeks ago

You are correct DDA- It was January of this year.

I happened to be out near there last night shortly after it happened. I will say it was quite the scene! Hopefully the driver was OK.

That building has been hit many times since it was first built. I've seen a pic from @ 1930s with a truck in it.

It happened again

DWI arrest - geez and driving a 2022 Jeep. Says he said he was avoiding a deer, but they smelled alchohol. Wow.

2 weeks ago

The HPD press release:

Press Release (9/12/22): SUV Vs. Building/DWI Arrest
On September 11, 2022 at 9:51p.m., the Hackettstown Police responded to Budd Lake Bagel & Deli II (333 Mountain Ave) for a report of a vehicle that went through the building. An investigation revealed that a 2022 Jeep driven by Aleksandr Rabinovich, 32, of Franklin Borough, NJ was traveling east on Route 57 when he reportedly swerved to avoid a deer, closed his eyes and ended up inside the business. The officer detected the odor of alcoholic beverage coming from Rabinovich. The crash caused significant damage and the Hackettstown Construction Official deemed the building unsafe. The business is closed until further notice. No injuries were reported. Rabinovich was charged with driving while intoxicated, refusal to submit to breath test, and reckless driving. Rabinovich was released pending a court appearance. Assisting at the scene was the Hackettstown Fire Department, the Hackettstown First Aid and Rescue Squad and Mount Olive Township Fire Marshal.

LOL the 'ol swerved from a deer defense. LOL! If I had a nickel for every driver that used that line I'd have enough nickel's buy every rogue deer their own tract of land to roam around on safely! LMAO!

Greg, thanks really funny! Believe it or not, I've never heard that defense. I've used other ones, though.

Joyce Polack Joyce Polack
2 weeks ago

He swerved to avoid a vodka bottle on the road...

alpha1beta alpha1beta
2 weeks ago

Re: Car crash budd lake bagel

It was deep inside the store. The attached pic if from

Local Gal Local Gal
2 weeks ago

Released “pending a court appearance l” so he can get back behind the wheel and kill one of us or our children?
Refused to take a breath test and then released?

I can remember when it was Danforth's Diner I believe.
Vehicles drove into it back then.

Innocent until proven guilty, stymie. He was charged with those offenses but has yet to be convicted. I’m with you though. I’d rather they lock him up until he goes to court but that’s not how our justice system works. Had anyone been seriously injured durning this crash he’d most likely be behind bars with a very high bail.

So, for clarity, he was driving on 57 toward mt ave, drive through the light and into the store? He must have been going pretty fast to be that far inside the store!

2 weeks ago

"Refused to take a breath test and then released?"

They then need to take you in for a blood draw- which typically takes time so the BAC lessens- and a blood test has it's own possible legal challenges- time, handling (temp, contamination, storage, tampering).

Even cops themselves will often refuse to take the breath test, or roadside walk.

If you know what you'd blow...then you have more chance with a good lawyer on the other stuff.

Not that I am condoning driving intoxicated- just stating the realities.


you have no obligation to do field sobriety tests, and quite frankly, you should always refuse them as it is completely subjective. The only obligation you have as a driver is to perform the breath test at the police station. Refusal to do the breathalyzer is a $300-500 fine, 7-12 month license suspension, and a bunch of other stuff which is just as bad as getting the DWI (ignition interlock, MVC surcharges, etc.)

Local Gal,

Holy Moly, I don't think that's what they meant by "drive thru window".

only one truth only one truth
2 weeks ago

Is that the old golden skillet?


Yes, yes it is.

Some states will suspend the Driver License until the case is heard so they can't legally drive again until a judge says so. You are obligated to follow an Officer's directions which include road side testing. Either refuse or not and accept the consequences if you choose. Driving in NJ is a previlige, not a Right.

boobalaa boobalaa
1 week ago

"You are obligated to follow an Officer's directions which include road side testing."

That is incorrect.

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