Is ShopRite really charging you to use your own bags?

I haven't been at Shop Rite lately. I've to say Wise has been giving some great discounts. I have to go to ShopRite this week was just on their app and it says that they charge you automatically on your receipt a bag fee for using your own bags is this true true?

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
3 weeks ago

Re: Is ShopRite really charging you to use your own bags?

My app states that “bag fees may be added to the final total”. What does that even mean? I know they will charge you 0.35 to buy the white ones but it sounds like they get to decide the way it’s worded. Can someone clarify?

Bag fee applies to pick up or delivery only to my knowledge.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
3 weeks ago

No charge for using your own bags.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
2 weeks ago

Bag fees are for pickup or delivery because they’re providing the bags. No charge when you shop in store and bring your own.

Local Gal Local Gal
2 weeks ago

That is ON-LINE shopping. Not shopping yourself. They charge for bags when they use their bags, not when you use your own.

Poorly worded, no doubt. It doesn’t say it’s specific to online orders, especially since the app can be used for in-store shopping.

Thank you to all who responded! It was poorly written out.

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
2 weeks ago

For curbside, they are taking the bags back as of a few weeks ago. They don't refund the $1.50, but they take them, they launder and recycle them, and, to me, the service charge went from $5 to $6.50, which is still a great deal for picking all my items. That's why your new bags may be kinda faded.

I was appalled that the State law didn't anticipate this, offer support, but just put their fingers.....up their nose and said wtf. I called, I wrote, but nothing. No one wants used bags, there was nowhere except the landfill for them. Shoprite stepped up and did this on their own, what a nice thing.

I would gather home delivery works the same way.

I still go to boutique markets, fruit stands, ice cream, meat shops, fish, etc. but my Shoprite orders ---- haven't been in a store for over 2.5 years, can't imagine why I would at this point. The pickers may even do better than I do in person. And for emergencies, hard goods, Amazon frankly is almost faster delivery than me going in to get it. I often order at 3pm and get it before noon the next day. Sometimes even beat Shoprite's price.

Shopping wise, the new world of shop-from-home, is a win for me and mine.

How do you know Shoprite reuses bags? They don’t state that anywhere and every time I get them tags are still on.

Not today Not today
2 weeks ago

N.J. weighs bringing back paper bags as unwanted reusable bags pile up

It’s a start but would apply to online or curbside only

Not today: We noticed a faded bag, we asked them, they said they use a third-party to launder.......I stopped them, TMI..... but I was glad they were doing it. Of course, the chance of getting a new bag is still going to be very high until everyone starts returning them. As far as I am concerned, new / rewashed, I don't care. I just don't want to have to keep them, I have too many free ones already.

I was told that ShopRite will take back the bags and donates them to food pantries, not reuses them.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
2 weeks ago

I work at the Long Valley Food Pantry. We could use any leftover bags. They can be dropped off at Hoffmans Supply in Long Valley any day of the week, there is a bin to the left right when you walk in the door. We will use them for our Thanksgiving and Holiday Distributions.

Long valley Long valley
2 weeks ago

Not all ShopRite's are doing that. The one I work at , we are always using new bags.

From today’s article that I cannot seem to copy the link: N.J. might require stores sanitize reusable bags, refund shoppers after bag ban goes awry

“I have staff looking at how much it costs to sanitize a reusable bag. Obviously sanitizing the bag is cheaper than buying a new bag and that’s what we may require the grocery vendors to do,”

Really? I would love to see the numbers.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
7 days ago

Thanks, Whip.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
7 days ago

Now Washington Shoprite is using paper for Shop At Home. One ply, watch the milk :>)

Nope. I shop with my bags too, I kind of look like a shoplifter but I always check out :-D

Remi Martin Remi Martin
4 days ago

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