A&P Belvidere

The closed A&P Supermarket is getting a new tenant. The Family Dollar store is moving into the old A&P location.

Isn't there already a dollar store in that strip mall? Or am I misremembering?

Yes. The Family Dollar that is there is moving into the old A&P.

Where do people in Belvidere go grocery shopping?

danny zucko danny zucko
3 weeks ago


It's going to be a new Dollar 1.25 store. They bought Family Dollar. They will have refrigerator items.

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
3 weeks ago

From the middle of Belvidere proper, it's about 20 minutes each to Shop Rite Washington, Shop Rite Greenwich, Stop and Shop Pohatcong or Weis Markets, Forks Township (PA).

The further you get from the center of town, the less of an option Weis becomes. Personally, I would head to one of the two P'burg area stores just because 519 is currently a much more pleasant drive than 31 is (at least until they build all the warehouses, then it's Washington all the way, lol)

Does Belvidere still have the small food market downtown on Water Street? Back in the 90's it was an alternative to the A&P. It was more expensive but had better quality meats and cold cuts. Plus they had IGA grocery items that you usually can only get in PA. I heard the owner retired and someone bought it but that was also a long time ago. If I still lived in Belvidere I'd probably go to ShopRite in Washington because I wouldn't know how good Weis is.


Re: A&P Belvidere

The Food Mart grocery store is still there in Belvidere.

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