comcast issues

Anybody having problems with logging into comcast. I can't seem to get email. Thanks

I had that problem this morning but it cleared up after about 15 minutes. Been okay for me since.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
Jul '22

Couldn’t access email most of the day. Works now.

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jul '22

Thanks. Hopefully tomorrow it works.

Intermittent outages experienced here in Independence. SCUMCAST is the worst

+1 BC. And it's been going on a VERY long time.

This is funny (because it's true): don't watch with kids in the room!

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Jul '22

Funny and true JeffersonRepub.

Another option for those with Comcast email addresses as this will continue to happen. Get a gmail account. Then set it up to use pop3 to pull in your Comcast email. This way you’ll have everything in one place and won’t have to worry about outages.

Sacks cousin
Jul '22

LOL, JRepub. Truth!

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Jul '22

Our sun is also "waking up" and messing up the Internet

Animallove Animallove
Jul '22

They may be one of the worst service providers (of ANY service) in the country. JRs video may seem like an outlandish parody but it’s closer to reality than fantasy.

Jul '22

Sick of the often outages
Let another cable company come in the area please

My internet's been slow for 2 weeks! I'm practically on top of the modem and I'm not getting full bars always look forward to going to my clients house they have better internet.

Outdoor Women Outdoor Women
Jul '22

Have you rebooted you cable modem - Wi-Fi router and computer / phone in that order? Also check if the firmware upgrades on your cable modem and Wi-Fi router.

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
Jul '22

Over the last month our cable keeps going out and we have to reboot the boxes every 12 hours.
Comcast has been out three times and have changed out all of the boxes but the problem still happens were are in Independence. Has anyone else experienced this problem.

We had offline issues with Comcast for two years. Splitters replaced, new equipment, new connectors and wires. Nothing helped. Our last call was serviced by someone who knew what to do. He said we were constantly going offline and determined it was the underground cable to our townhouse. They replaced it a month ago and it’s been perfect ever since. Not one time have we lost a connection.
Most of the underground cable around here is probably 30+ years old. This would absolutely be my next step.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
3 days ago

Mr. R.

Thank you for that feedback. They are coming out again tomorrow

i messed with these guys for six months, always a different solution as we repaired all starting at the router and working our way to the pole, then even the network.

Last fix was to replace all cable from pole to junction box on house, that seemed to do it, but last place I would think of.

Did I mention how cat 5 does not carry the speeds we need. cat 5e, cat 6, cat 7 ---- may need to up your cable game.

Been experiencing Internet connection time outs intermittently again. Same problem as before. This company sucks!

I get them all the time.

Babit - cat 5 may be your issue if it’s wiring from side of the house to inside the house. Comcast used coaxial cable from the pole to your junction box and your junction box to side of house.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
1 day ago

CBB: you are so correct. The cat5 issue was internal and eternally funny.

The outside issue was old coax. Whoever thought that went bad. I think the point was, working with comcast, on multiple service calls, on multiple attempts, first we replaced the router, that helped for a week. Then all components from the pc to the junction box, that worked for a few days. Then at the pole while they promised they were scrubbing the network, that was really good for awhile. The last guy did the coax from the pole to the junction box and we be good for months now, plus our speed is over a Gb to the router. Probably about 600mbs off the router.

freaking pipes, always a step-down somewhere and no one ever wants to talk about it.......

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