No more baskets at Walmart?

Did Walmart get rid of their shopping baskets? I noticed they have not had any since the plastic bag ban. I feel weird putting my items directly into my personal reusable bag as I shop and don't grab a cart if I only need a couple of items. Has anyone else had this experience?

Perplexed Perplexed
3 weeks ago

Ask one of the front end employees the next time you are in. That would not be the best move by Sprawl-mart, not very shopper friendly.
I actually like shopping and placing my items directly into my canvass bag. Hopefully I take it all back out when I use the self check out. After all when retailers essentially had me become a cashier I was never trained properly. LOL

I have been to Walmart numerous times in the last few weeks, the carts have always been there.

lwinters lwinters
3 weeks ago

Hahahaha Greg! I agree 100%. I can’t believe these large retailers essentially tricked the public into becoming their employees. I used to wait in the line for the “manned” register even if the self check was faster out of principle. Now there are only 2 cashiers and the self check has expanded.

3 weeks ago

They probably removed them because people would take them home to carry groceries since the start of this ridiculous bag ban.

Ah that's a good point CTFA3.

I see I added an extra "s" to the word canvas above. Oops. I guess I was distracted thinking about my upcoming employee review at Walmart. LOL!


Very very relevant.

Warning- language alert!


It’s the baskets that the op is questioning and NOT the carts .

Did anybody call walmart corporate and complain?.. they have some real idiots running our local walmart

I actually had a conversation with a walmart employee the other day and she claimed that they had hundreds of baskets but since the bag ban began people are walking off with them and not returning them (aka stealing them)

I have no reason to not believe her as it came up in natural conversation (meaning I didn't ask about the baskets, I've personally never used one)

the answer????
3 weeks ago

Went in Weiss the other day and forgot to bring my plastic bags . Bought one of their green cloth bags for a dollar and those things are huge !They're probably like 3 or 4 times the size of a plastic bag .Two of those in each of my vehicles and I should be all set . If I remember to bring them into the store !

Walmart has greeters stationed at every lights in the parking lot to catch thieves..its pretty obvious when someone walks out with a basket..I wonder why shoprite and weis don't have tge same issues..ooh wait...they sell cheap gricery bags to put your food in...too bad Walmart doesn't

I can't see people actually taking them home. More junk laying around. Plus I'm not sure I'd be flaunting the Wal Mart logo around my home LOL. I'm sure they end up piled in the cart return in the parking lot becoming a nuisance for the person who collects the carts.

Pretty sure those greeters would rather let the ones stealing the baskets go free than try to actually stop them.

I've seen a sign in one of the ShopRite about not taking the baskets out of the store.
If you forget your bags in the car, just pile it all back in the cart and wheel it out to your car and pack it there.
Not so hard.

Blackcat Blackcat
3 weeks ago

Yea the lack of baskets drives me nuts. I hate having using a cart, especially in Walmart. Trying to maneuver around people that take up the width of the aisle is just aggravating with a cart. Also, I haven’t seen a meeter-greeter in our Walmart in years so no one to stop you from taking it, not that they would dive at tour ankles to stop you anyway

MakoMiller1984 MakoMiller1984
3 weeks ago


Walmart has cheap bags to buy for 50 cents.

dear me
3 weeks ago

But no baskets to carry your stuff to the self checkout

If you have a bag/bags that your groceries will presumably fit into, why do you need a handbasket?

That won’t look like shoplifting at all! Lol

Woman charged after failing to scan items in self-checkout at Morris County Walmart - WRNJ Radio

Bug3, wow. I get nervous self-checking because I'm afraid to miss a pack of gum and be in handcuffs. I wonder if people think it's easier now to steal because you have to bring your own bags and figure security isn't keeping an eye.

2 weeks ago

The crazy thing is that it’s only NJ that has a bag ban. Go to any other state and you’ll have plenty of plastic bags… the ban is so pointless

NY also has a bag ban. They've had it for several years, but it was temporarily suspended during covid. I'm not entirely certain about the city itself, but last time I bought something in the city, the clerk asked if I wanted a bag (for $1). I declined since it was just a shirt. Upstate NY, where I live on weekends (Catskills), definitely has the bag ban.

Rob Durana Rob Durana
2 weeks ago

My brother lives in the Midwest and works at a Walmart. He said their baskets have chips in them and an alarm goes off if someone tries leaving the store with one.

FarmerJake FarmerJake
2 weeks ago

You can get paper bags in NY

Interesting... when I bought strawberries at Donaldson's the other day, they put them in... a plastic bag. Hmm...

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
2 weeks ago

Mansfield must be a low income not so great area because most other walmarts have them

JR, the plastic bag ban only applies to grocery stores of a certain square footage, restaurants and department stores, not convenience stores or farm stands.

Probably an incentive to try and get you to buy more stuff I would guess. I wouldn't think the bag ban would have anything to do with baskets.

It does apply to convenience stores. Wawa and Quik Chek both are selling bags.

Tired of politics
2 weeks ago

You are correct, T.o.p. I thought I read that convenience stores were exempt and I rarely use them, but I had the need to visit QC today and they don't offer them.

I don't think farm stands are exempt, either, ianimal. I had to carry 6 items out of Tranquility one day because I left a bag in the car.

2 weeks ago

Farm stands are exempt depending on their square footage according to Donaldson's who provides paper bags.

My daughter works full time and has been using the "shop from home" for years. After the bag ban was put into effect, she received her order in very nice reusable bags. She contacted the store and asked what she is expected to do with these bags. Does she need to return them? She was told because of health codes the store can not reuse them, so just use them for trash. She will receive 7 or 8 bags with each order, She then asked how this is helping with the bag ban. They had no answer. It makes no sense. They will accumulate just as the plastic bags did.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
2 weeks ago

Its funny how when Amazon did home grocery delivery..they would collect their bags on yhe next visit and use them again..Amazon fresh

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