Spinal Specialist

Anyone know of a good Dr?

Dr Sarno. Read his book.

Sacks cousin
Feb '22

I had spinal column surgery , dr Nachwalter at Atlantic spine specialists in Morristown is outstanding , 973-971-3500 , I was terrified and had a very easy recoup also , good luck

Cowgirl1 Cowgirl1
Feb '22

https://specialtysurgerycenter.org/physicians/bio/salari-ben-do/ did my neck, no pain!

While Dr Sarno's book(s) is very insightful, sometimes there are physical/structural issues that need to be addressed... "the mind" can't get around those. But his books have helped an awful lot of people.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Feb '22

Dr. Carl Spivak at Executive Spine Surgery in Newton (908) 452-5612

He does minimally invasive spinal surgery, he used to be located in Hackettstown. My mother lucked out and got him when she had a herniated disc about 5 years ago. I also had a friend who had a herniated disc around the same time. They both had surgery within a week of each other and my friend had traditional surgery in Morristown. My mother who was in her 80's was almost back to normal within weeks, while it took my friend who was in her 60's months and she missed a lot of work. My friend had to undergo months of physical therapy and use a cane, where my elderly mother did not. My mother was sent to Kessler for inpatient rehab from the hospital, but she was only in there a week or two.

Lynnada Lynnada
Feb '22

Carl Giardono in Succasunna gave me a laminectomy fifteen years ago and my back still works. His office is in the medical building that is the tallest building near the movie theater. I went to him when everyone else failed to fix my back. Best of luck to you. Robert

Robert Rowe Robert Rowe
Feb '22

Depends what type of surgery you need. Each spine doctor specializes in different things. Dr. Knightly in Morristown is AMAZING - but hard to get in, due to him being so great, everyone wants to see him.

Feb '22

stay away from !!!!!!!
Dr spiivak !!! My husband had back surgery he left him with no pain meds and no post appts. he went to a
Dr in morristown for the same operation and he said Dr Spivak did nothing and couldnt understand or see what he had done. this is on report at morristown hospital. Spivak is a snake oil man !!!!

tangerine tangerine
Feb '22

Can anyone recommend a spine specialist that was able to help them get back to normal even with a herniated disc.. without having surgery? I hear surgery is a last resort and want to find a good bedside manner doc who can help me fight before opting for surgery.

Apr '22

Dr Salari at the Orthopedic Institute of NJ on Bilby Road has helped me. I have damaged and herniated disks. His philosophy is that surgery is a last resort. I've been doing PT and feel MUCH better. Very nice guy and personable. Since he had surgery on his right foot due to an injury, he is sympathetic to your pain. Best of luck to you!

Rob Durana Rob Durana
Apr '22

My issue is my insurance is Horizon Total Care, a combination of medicare and medicaid. I just can't find a Dr who would accept that insurance. My back is very weak, I can only stand for 5 minutes. Thank you for suggestions

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