HHS Cheerleaders

Just wondering why these “cheerleaders” never cheer? I have been to many basketball games at the high school and yet have not heard them cheer. Why are we funding a sport where they are not doing this? I have been to other schools where they do cheer, so why not here?

OK I'll bite. While you were at one of the "many basketball games at the high school" why didn't you simply ask the coach or one of the cheerleaders why they were not cheering? I have never been to a HS basketball game believe it or not. Perhaps there is a specific rule and or a certain time for a cheer routine(s) to be conducted?

No Greg, I have not, but I will when I go again. It just hit me last night when I was at another school. The cheerleaders were cheering and I realized that ours don’t cheer.

Sport- I’m sorry that you have so much time on your hands that you feel it’s necessary to criticize high school girls on the internet.

Maybe they don’t cheer as much as you would like at games and that is something that they can work on- but it’s more productive to bring that up to a coach instead of saying something anonymously in an online forum.

Also, please keep in mind that not only do these ladies cheer for both boys AND girls basketball games, but wrestling matches as well IN ADDITION to having 5-6 practices a week to prepare for their own competitions every weekend. The “funding” you are talking about for cheerleading is a joke and not nearly enough to sustain the program. These girls spend a majority of their time off fundraising to be able to do all of this. They don’t even get busing to the majority of their competitions. Not to mention all of the extra time they put in for school spirit activities and community service. They recently just won their division in the Hunterdon Warren Sussex Tournament which is pretty impressive considering.

Quite frankly, I don’t think that they get enough credit for everything they do for the school and the community. Again, they are teenagers and bashing them online is so rude.

Truck Stop Truck Stop
2 weeks ago

They certainly have their plates full as cheerleaders! I didn't realize they have to travel to the away events on their own. Still with all of the goings on I'll bet it's great fun for them.

I don't think the OP was bashing as much as curious. I responded as such because most on this site know me as the typical "why didn't you ask them first" internet forum guy! LOL I'm sure annoying to some but I truly think in a very practical, and logical manner.

I was not “bashing”, just asking, why? Up until last evening, I did not really notice. Seeing the other school cheer made me wonder. Sorry for asking on here, I do not even know who the coach is.

Cheerleading has changed so much over the years. No more Rah Rah!!
They practice very hard just like any other sport to refine their skills as individuals and a team! Coach Amanda and her assistants are great! They have won a lot of Trophies and Awards locally and nationally! Very successful program.

Hotdogchili Hotdogchili
2 weeks ago

You called them “cheerleaders” and questioned their funding. Sounds like bashing to me.

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