Tailor for Clothing

Hi, does anyone know of a reasonable personable tailor to make my Mom some
new jeans?
Wanted to have them make her some with lace on the bottom, thnks.


Here are some recommendations in an existing thread.

Just an FYI- always try the search feature, I find most topics have been discussed at one time or another. Sometimes it may be an older topic that needs fresh responses but for the most part I often find answers to my question.

Hi Greg,
thank you for the suggestion.
I did however notice that the tailors were hired to do only alterations.
I wanted my tailor for hire to be able to sew custom jeans from scratch.
Does anyone know of someone local that does this. Tyvm.

Um if you find one, don’t share because every woman I know would be knocking on the door for custom jeans! What a dream to have jeans custom made for me! (Sigh!)

3wbdwnj 3wbdwnj
Dec '21

I would contact of few of the people mentioned as I would think one of them may make full garments as well. Otherwise perhaps look for traditional dressmakers like a bridal shop. I would think they have the ability to make custom pants. You could even try a men's shop. I know I have had suits made where I chose the fabric etc.

I have used Joseph D'Apolito & Son in Peapack. A suburb haberdashery. They will also deal in women's clothing as well according to some online reviews.

Joseph D'Apolito & Son
16 Peapack Rd, Far Hills, NJ 07931 (908) 234-0399

Good luck!

Terrific! Thanks so much, Greg. Appreciate the mention immensely.
Any mention on how much ballpark expected to pay for a tailor of immense talent as D'Apolito?
It's really a dying field. So sad.
Similar to someone who mends shoes.
Anyway, looking forward to any advice you may have.
Plan on at least 2-3 jeans for Mom.
She deserves only the best.

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