Santa Claus train port Murray?


I was in Mayberry’s the other day with my young child buying 2 cycle engine oil and the lady behind the counter said on 12/4 Santa will be coming to the port Murray train station. I haven’t been able to find any information on this online. Anyone know any info?

1 week ago

Polar Express is in Phillipsburg

Thanks for the link Bug but that doesn’t sound anything like she described

1 week ago

Its probably not a train to port murray

It’s the toys for tots train December 4th . At the port Murray post office lot

Michael Michael
1 week ago

Toys for tots? So I’m assuming this is only for less fortunate families? Crap. I was all gassed up and invited 3 of my friends who also have young children. I certainly would never take any toys away from less fortunate families. Oh well. Any other events like this locally that a few families can gather to enjoy?

1 week ago

I don't think that is where the toys are distributed. It seems too early. It may be a Toys for Tots toy drive. Usually the toys get picked up and stored in various warehouses where the toys are sorted by age and gender. At Christmas, coordinators, with the help of local social agencies, church groups, and other local community groups, distribute the toys to the less fortunate children in the area.

It is the Toys for Tots toy drive where people bring toys to donate for the less fortunate. There are a few stops along the line with the last one in Phillipsburg.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
1 week ago

I found the information at Check out the schedule for dates and times.

njhokiefan njhokiefan
7 days ago

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