New crystal store?

anyone know anything about this and where?

Aries Moon Crystals

208 Main Sreet

also Google her on Instagram :)

Thank you!

what is a crystal store?

Stay Woke
2 weeks ago

Click the link it describes it.

I don't know who needs to hear it, but Crystals do not heal anything. At best, it's a placebo effect. At worst, its a downright scam on the most gullible and lowest IQ members of society. You can usually buy crystals from a rock shop cheaper if you really want to try.
I collect some rocks and crystals and my quartz and amethyst have never healed anything. But some of them can make you sick!

alpha1beta alpha1beta
2 weeks ago

alpha1beta, I agree with most of your post, but I wouldn't call people 'lowest' IQ. Some people who are smart, just want to believe in something, whether it's a higher power or a crystal. For the life of me, though, I can't understand how they're going to make money around here, but wish them success anyway.

I also know people who have crystals and still have bad luck, health issues, and so on, so ________

2 weeks ago

Oh, so this is some new wave mumbo jumbo. This is on par with the salt spa's that opened in the area, then closed?

Stay Woke
2 weeks ago

I wish the new owner much happiness and success.

Whether you believe crystals have power or not, you should be happy there is one less empty storefront on Main Street.

Good luck to the store owner! and welcome!

whocares whocares
1 week ago

+1 who cares!

Wow, some real downers here, you could use some crystal healing in your life....

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
1 week ago

Just wondering, What does a Reiki Master do?

Google Master states this:

A reiki master is someone who has been attuned to the highest level of reiki. The attunement process opens up your body so that you’re able to transmit healing energy, and lasts for your entire life.

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