Kohl’s Cash ?

Does anyone know if Kohl’s still accepts expired Kohl’s Cash? I have some that expired yesterday. I know they used to but not sure if they stopped. Only asking if anyone has done it recently. Thanks!

I believe if it’s less than a week old they will accept it.

new Koles coupons on line today veterans day

2 weeks ago

I recently used it 7 days out of date.

They do, even if it's expired and within a grace period, just not sure what that grace pepriod is. I'm sure they'll take it.

I had some that expired 11/10 + they took it today (11/11) - used with Vet. Day coupon, etc.

Mansfield Kohl’s grace period for Kohl’s Cash is ten days.

Personally I dislike all the gimmicks Kohl's has -in order to get a fair price for items.......just no for me

SS2cats…same for me, was happy i didn’t lose it. Thanks everyone for your responses.

4cat --- gimmicks for sure --
They keep sending me free money to lure me into the store. Since September they gave me $35. I guess it pays to be a non-consumer, LOL

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

Happiest girl, I’m buying clothes for Christmas for a family in need, I try to make my money stretch. I find you can work Kohl’s prices to your advantage pretty often. I’m a bargain shopper and think i know how to shop thriftily. Thanks for your response.

Bessie, I read somewhere that on Wednesdays Kohls gives people over 60 a 15% discount. So if you are ever without a %-off coupon and you're over 60 you can take advantage of that.

happiest girl
2 weeks ago

The senior community may appreciate your advice, though I would imagine most of us wouldn’t shop with 15% off.

If your looking for deals at kohl's, buy one get one half off is not a sale, epic deals week has very few item's worth buying due to their lack of coupons unless your a senior shopping Wednesdays or a vet/active military shopping Mondays. Dont spend your kohl's cash if you plan on returning anything from the purchase that earned it. It affects your return value the same way a return would affect the kohl's cash value. If you're worried about a certain item disappearing from the shelf but you're really not liking the price or waiting for the next coupon to drop then you can bring your receipt in for a price adjustment up to 14 days. Or if your not in a hurry to wear the item then just wait a few months, return it to rebuy it at the clearance price and use your coupon on top. 6 month return policy. A Lauren Conran top original sale price of 36.99 can drop as low as $9. Vera Wang jacket sale price $78 will drop to $20. Kohl's cash has a 10 day grace period in stores only.

Animallove Animallove
1 week ago

Animallove - that's very specific information. Sounds like you're an employee?

happiest girl
1 week ago

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