Car Insurance Going Up

does anyone have a car ins they recommend
Ours is NJM and they have gone up considerably this past year.
Also, does anyone know of a good agency, one that actually helps you

Have you had a claim, ticket or decrease in your credit score? We have NJM as well and ours suprisingly went down this year....

My insurance went down a bit this year as well. Progressive.

When your rates go up, you look around. Check 3 other companies. More than likely it will go up but you can control the amount. Also consider raising deductibles except for glass.

I had been insured with NJM for over 20 yrs. Ten yrs ago I had an accident in which I was stopped at a red light and was rear-ended by a teenager who was texting at the time. It turned out he did not have any insurance and I had to file a claim with NJM against the uninsured/underinsured portion of my policy for my injuries and the damages to my car. They did pay all my medical bills but really gave me a hard time trying to get my car fixed. I finally got a lawyer and he helped get my claim settled.For 4 yrs after my accident my premiums went up considerably every year until I finally got tired of it and got quotes from other companies. I found out that NJM was screwing me all along. I now have State Farm and I'm paying less than I was before my accident. I was always under the assumption that NJM was the most reasonable and and one of the most honest companies there was.

Moral of the story: Trust but verify.

I have State Farm too, and definitely like the agency. I call, they tell me they'll have what ever I need put together in an hour or so and I can come right in. Good on line system too.

My rates went down as well with fewer people on the road. If yours went up, something else must have happened.

State Farm is excellent. We switched from geico a few years ago and saved a TON of money, plus we love having one agent for all of our insurance who is easily accessible to us.

Do you have AAA they have insurance division and are very competitive.

Not In NJ Anymore Not In NJ Anymore
3 weeks ago

Allstate is great

I am VERY happy with Allstate. Highly recommend.

I’ve had NJM for many years and through several accidents, both my fault and not. My rates have never gone up unless I’ve made changes to my coverage.

ImOnSaxton ImOnSaxton
3 weeks ago

If you have no accidents and no tickets and you’re not changing insurance companies every 5 years, you’re doing it wrong.

3 weeks ago

We use NJM and are very pleased. They give a "bonus" often if you haven't had any issues with them. Been with them over 20 years.

St. Farm is a rip-off. Go to an Agency and get 10 quotes at once. State Farm was $800 more a year than 10 other Quotes!!!

Hackresident Hackresident
3 weeks ago

Kat who is your agent ty

AJMS - I use Jim Malay, the State Farm that's up by the strip mall where Sonny's is on 517. I believe the other closest one is in Budd Lake on 46.

I'm with USAA, mine went up $30 this year but I got two scamdemic checks and usually get a refund check at the end of the year. So $30 wasn't too bad.

StateFarm hands down. Same as 'Kat', I have a direct agent who handles everything for me. Only a text message away and he handles any issues/answers my questions right away.

Allstate on Naughright Road, Kevin Hussey is great to deal with (or Christina). First met with him when I insured a condo almost 10 yrs ago. Bundled both cars the condo and motorcycle, pricing is fair, but when I had a claim with my truck he really did 'go to bat' for me. NJM's reign of excellence is over, they ARE NOT what they once were..pricing on EVERYTHING is going up, insurance rates are no different. Shop around, I make calls here and there but Kevin's rates are 'normal' and like I said he (and Christina) are good to deal with

3 weeks ago

Allstate for sure, I use the firm in lake Hopatcong. Huge savings with them, and they actually answer the phone, not some bs recording prompts.

Forcefed4door Forcefed4door
3 weeks ago

I use Jim Malay with State Farm too. Great service from Jim and his office staff. We have 3 vehicles with a new teenage driver and our rate is decent. I also have my homeowners insurance with Jim as well.

If you are financing your vehicle and pay off the loan...does the car insurance agency that you use lower your monthly payment amount? I know you have to notify them and get a new insurance card stating that you are now the owner and not the bank but was not sure about any change in your premiums...

Only if you change coverage.

3 weeks ago

Some lien holders require certain coverage limits / categories (i.e. comprehensive, collision, and liability). Once you entirely own the car you only need to comply with state minimums, which is usually just liability coverage - so if you choose to drop comprehensive and collision from your policy the rate will certainly go down.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
3 weeks ago

I switched from Allstate to Farmer's for auto and home insurance a few years ago. Much more reasonable. My agent is Jerry Norton. His office is on 46 in Great Meadows, 908-637-0058.

Calico696 Calico696
2 weeks ago

They are tracking you on Waze and your cell phone, so they know how fast you drive.

You are now in their database.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
2 weeks ago

When you go to State Farm you get state Farm When you go to Allstate you get Allstate. When you go to independent agent you get 10 companies. Call Stuber or SASCO and compare.

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