Fall 2021 Propane prices

For residential heating, hot water tank and appliance purposes...received a quote of $3.19 from AmeriGas. Called Suburban and they were at 2.97. Curious to see what others are paying. Thanks

dan l dan l
Oct '21

2.85 region

Lots of recent articles about shortages in propane supplies. WSJ reported supplies are 1/5th of last year at this time. Prices to keep going up.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
Oct '21

Does Region on 46 still fill small tanks on Fri’s for around $11?

Roywhite Roywhite
Oct '21

Do you own your tank? I understand Fairclough has very good prices, usually close to 1/2 of Amerigas and customer service is head and shoulders above.

Kelly H. Kelly H.
Oct '21

I believe Region on 46 is now $15.00 or higher

Advantage/now Paraco just went up to 3.60+, so I am switching to Region! They offered a referral code for $50 credit to the person I heard about their better rates from. If any Region customers would like to claim this, please post here or PM me! They just asked for name/town/zip.

Megan Schmidt Megan Schmidt
Oct '21

Back in August, I got a pre-buy price of $2.45/gal with Eastern. I thought it was high at the time, but it’s looking good now!

FarmerJake FarmerJake
Oct '21

2.79 Dieter Brothers.

Dec '21

Modern Propane was 1.96

Great Meadows Great Meadows
Dec '21

Millers Egg Ranch in Bangor Pa. $14.00 20 lb tank

Indie Indie
Sep '22

Looking to fill a 1000 gal tank for heating. Anyone order propane lately we own the tank so are free to shop around for the best price. Looking for recommendations.

DBrothers.com was just $2.79 a week or so ago.

Anyone else seen those commercials on TV about how propane is "affordable" and "environmentally friendly"? SMH

ianimal - Eggs all the time are healthy, and coal is clean and good for you... Come on, the advertising is telling you the kind of consumer you need to be.

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Re: Fall 2021 Propane prices
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