Wood Stove burning Larix laricina / American larch / tamarack

Someone gave us firewood that is in the Larix laricina / American larch / tamarack family. Is it good to burn in our stove? I don't want to waste time splitting it for next year if not. I've read contradicting articles on the web. Thanks in advance

Wood Splitting Fool Wood Splitting Fool
October 18th

I guess you have to apply some judgement on which of the contradicting articles appear to come from reliable sources. A quick scan on my end shows that tamarack is a very good wood to burn, as long as (as with any wood) it's aged properly and not wet, which will gunk up your chimney faster.

At first glance it "looks" like pine, which is not a good wood to burn, but it burns a more like a hardwood.

You may have to mix it with other wood as it could burn hotter so phase it in smaller quantities until you get the heat/flame level you want and the stove can handle.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
October 18th

When I lived in Idaho that was all I burned in the wood stove. Tamarack is another name for larch.

Weedwacker Weedwacker
October 18th

"lived in Idaho" words I hope to say one day.. :)

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
October 19th

I burn everything in my woodstove including pine, hemlock and spruce.....wood that's still green. Clean your chimney a little more often and you'll be fine!

GWliberty GWliberty
October 21st

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Re: Wood Stove burning Larix laricina / American larch / tamarack
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