Walmart employment

I’m looking into getting a position at Walmart in Mansfield.

Can any current/previous employees tell me about their experience as an employee?


I enjoyed my time there. Was always treated fairly. You get out of it what you put in.

I’d just go for it. Everyone’s opinions on their employers will vary dramatically. Give it a shot and if you don’t like it you can go elsewhere. Everyone is hiring these days so you have plenty of options!

Indeed, Target has a sign on their front door tht they're hiring as well, but I just can't remember if the wage they quote on the sign is $12/hour or $15/hour.

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

I just started there last week. The training is not great. They just throw you in and hope for the best. They are very short staffed and a lot of people have been calling out. You must also work the weekend if you want full time. Also you must work certain days- black Friday, Christmas eve, New Years etc.

Tracefan Tracefan
1 week ago

They've never had a good reputation. My son worked there for a short time years ago. They also just threw him into the job with no real training. They put him in the photography dept. of all places. His boss there was some young guy who could have cared less.
I just think that there are a lot better places to work, such as, Target.

Work at a movie theater. Best job I ever had when I was a teenager.

Metsman Metsman
1 week ago

Work at Action Park - best job I ever had as a teenager.

2nd best was a car wash.


I bet you have some good Action Park stories... LOL... A friend of mine went down the alpine slide and messed up his leg really good. The whole side of his leg was a big scab.

Metsman Metsman
1 week ago

Josh, have you watched the "Class Action Park" documentary on HBO Max? It was a real hoot, lol.

ianimal ianimal
1 week ago

I have stories- you wouldn't believe me.

I have not seen the mockumentary.

Phil D Starting pay at Target is $15 and they are looking for help. Have been working for Target for 3 years and have found it to be a great part-time job.

City Chick City Chick
7 days ago

City Chick

Thanks, I did think it was $15 to start, but I wasn't positive if I was mistaking a 2 for a 5, so I was hedging my bet. Didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. Glad you were able to clarify that.

Phil D. Phil D.
7 days ago

Thanks everyone.

I’m kinda disenchanted at the moment because the screening process is so extensive and completely disconnected from human interaction.

I know it’s meant to help weed out those that are potentially not a good fit, but Im jumping through an above average amount of hoops...

Im impresses someone actually wants to work!!

Big Bob Big Bob
6 days ago


Finally had a brief phone call interview.

Found out every weekend is mandatory and the pay rate was misrepresented.


CJ — sorry that happened to you. It’s a pattern for all of these places that “can’t find workers”. Misrepresenting positions and pay so that they can continue to complain about being short staffed while working current staff into the ground. Best of luck to you.

There are warehouses all over desperate for workers. Starting pay an average of $20/hour if you don't mind that kind of work Retirement homes are looking for people too

Animallove Animallove
5 days ago

Could you explain how the pay rate was misrepresented? Curious. What is the real starting pay?

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
5 days ago

Good employment, but its training program is also misrepresented.

Thanks Kat.
Thanks everyone.

The pay was listed at “from $19” which implies there is wiggle room. Nope.
In reality it was $17 “firm”. Which isn’t bad, but I don’t appreciate being misled.

*This rate was for the overnight shift and included a night & weekend differential. So the base rate was actually even less.

BTW, I am employed. I’m just exploring my options. I Have been FT at the same senior facility for 11 years.

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