Car registration

My husband and I need to switch the names on two of our registrations and titles. When I research it, I can only find info as if I am giving/selling to someone out side our household. We do not want new plates, etc. Thank you for any info and shared experience.

Timetoswitch Timetoswitch
4 weeks ago

Are you change names, or changing who owns each car?

If it's an actual name change then the description is here:

If you want to change who owns which car, then it's a sale whether it's the same household or not. It makes no difference if you keep the same plates or not, you file the same form and just at the end they don't give you new plates. Works the same as if you buy a car from someone else and want to put plates you already have on it.

You have to go to DMV either way, just explain what you want when you walk in and they'll give you the right form.

The only thing is, between family members, the State of NJ allows a sale price of $1 to be recorded for the transaction and you don't have to pay the tax on the whole estimated value of the vehicle as you would with other sales.

Good to know, Phil D. Thank you.

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