Weekly Grocery Bill

Just curious what everyone is spending weekly at the food store. For just two people I tend to be spending around $150.

That would be $10.71 each a day to eat. Doesn't seem bad to me.

Especially if that includes non-food items like soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.

My grocery bill is always cheaper when I go to the store with an actual list. If I go without I tend to buy lots of impulse purchases and spend much more than I plan on.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
3 weeks ago

Forget Weis if you want to save money. Shop Rite, Walmart, and Dollar Tree.......

Hackresident Hackresident
3 weeks ago

Weis has some pretty good prices if you use the weis card

I always shop with a list.
Also, very easy to swing by Walmart for a couple of well priced basics, on to Shoprite, maybe finish off at Dollar Store and Weis Market.
I estimate that I spend around $80./week- that includes paper goods, laundry, toiletries and misc. batteries, etc.

Spirits is a separate line item.

One of the best ways to save no matter where you shop is to cut back on meats. There's an older thread on the same subject, but I heard the philosophy of treating meat like a condiment. Sprinkle it on and fill out meat with potato, pasta, rice, etc. Do a stew instead of a steak or pork chops.

Mine averages about $35-40 if you don't include stuff for the cats.

Very interesting thread and have to say that we are in the group that spends between $125 to even $150 most weeks on food and grocery shopping. We have a friend that shops for us and I make out a list each week for her. I know she looks for the best prices too when she shops. We have no pets and do buy some items on line as well. GC amazes me....He must be a super good shopper!!!! I must agree with him in that cutting back on meat and even chicken would be a big savings right there. We eat meat or fish at almost every meal and it is usually not in a casserole either!!

$150 sounds about right for us too…..

According to a USDA study, the average bill for 2 people is $140 to $148 and for a single person is $61 to $68.

Local Gal Local Gal
3 weeks ago

I spend no more than $150 a week for 4 people.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
3 weeks ago

Local Gal- That is an interesting study. I plan on watching that moving forward. The most recent month posted is June 2021. There are different levels. I am sure it will continue to rise in the coming months.

I like the note that all meals and snacks are prepared at home as part of the calculations. That would be a budget buster for most I'd bet.


Good point, Greg...most of us, I am sure did not even figure in "take out" or eating out. So, for us there goes at least another $50 per week...We almost always have breakfast out after doctor's appointments and normally take out every Friday night...

New Wegmans off Route 10 - cut my food bill substantially from shopping around here.

3 weeks ago

Have you ever shopped at Aldi? The prices are significantly less then say ShopRite. Less selection, most are Aldi brand, but prices are amazing. Cookies .98-1.98, salsa.98,

1316 US-22
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865-1571
Phone: 844-460-7111


Not In NJ Anymore Not In NJ Anymore
3 weeks ago

Just a word to the wise, If you do shop Aldi's, bring your own bags, they do not have bags. They will give you boxes to put your groceries in.

Mr 4Paws Mr 4Paws
3 weeks ago

Yea and a quarter for the cart which you get back when you return the cart. Here in Pa they have bags but you have to pay for them. You place your items on the belt and the cashier places the items in a cart. You then take the cart to your car to empty or they have an area where you can pack the items into your bags.

Not In NJ Anymore Not In NJ Anymore
3 weeks ago

No worries
Bags will be outlawed in NJ next year

Re: Weekly Grocery Bill

I grocery shop at ShopRite and spend about $50.00 a week for two people. We keep a pantry at home to have room so stocking up on sale items is easy.I avoid Aldi and other discount stores that sell cheap generic groceries. I do miss the days when ShopRite and Pathmark supermarkets had price wars and dueled for control of the New Jersey and New York metropolitan area supermarket business.

I miss the triple coupons…up to $.99 cents. $2.97 off a $3.00 item was a great deal.

Guilty-Remnant Guilty-Remnant
2 weeks ago

I wonder if the Dept of Agriculture and USDA studies included non-food items.

That stuff can get pretty pricey

Local Gal Local Gal
2 weeks ago

Hi, we spend about 100-125 per week.
Aldi does save you $$.
Does anyone still cut and use manufacturer coupons?
We do- just not often enough.

And lots of times we eat "breakfast for dinner" to save a little.

For two people, no pets, we spend somewhere between $60 and $100 weekly at Weis, including non-food items. We eat out once or twice in a typical week, and every 5 to 8 months we buy in bulk at Costco, between $300 and $400 per trip, mostly meats and fish. We also do a fair amount of farm store shopping Spring, Summer and Fall, for produce. We're pretty much foodies, so generally speaking price is not our primary concern either at the market or dining out. (Although we are also not wealthy, so price is always in play to some extent.)

I shop at Aldi for quality food and excellent prices. I moved to Dover so Aldi is only a few miles away. No meats or dairy. Lots of fruits and veggies. Tofu and grains. Spices, seasonings, marinades and pasta and sauces. There is a farmers market nearby too. Good produce good selection great prices.
So between Aldi and the farmers market I spend about $40 a week. which matches my beer budget!!

The dollar tree has the best veggie burgers but I have only seen them in one store.

I try not to eat out except on vacation. but once a month is way plenty for me.

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