Anyone else noticing larger populations of earwigs than usual this spring?

ianimal ianimal
Jun '21

Excuse my ignorance - I'm a city boy. What in the world is an earwig??
I know I can Google it, but that takes all the fun out of it!

Yes, these last few weeks have been awful. I had earwigs first time 2 yrs ago. Last yr no earwigs. I learned a lot 2 yrs ago.
If I take a spray bottle with 1/3 Dawn liquid dish soap and water, and spray directly on the earwigs, they die instantly. Google it. It's a beautiful thing. It's effective on other bugs too.
We also bought Ortho Home Defense at Ace Hardware with an applicator to direct the stream which is highly effective. We use it mainly outside and infrequently inside away from pets and people.
They also like light so we've been keeping our outside lights off.
Also they eat dead bugs so you need to clean away any dead bugs quickly.
I have other tips too.

Seppie Seppie
Jun '21

Colloquially, they are also known as "pincher bugs"...

ianimal ianimal
Jun '21

They seem to like being under the cover of your garage door keypad as of late.

Totally harmless.

Why kill them?

jjmonth4 jjmonth4
Jun '21

Last week I was greeted by a live earwig in my tea cup and just this morning as I was making my instant oatmeal there was one in the bowl. Skeevy! I will be using the Dawn recipe mentioned above for sure since I don’t want earwigs to be part of my regular diet.

Ronnie Ronnie
Jun '21

Funny you should say that jjmonth, I just opened mine the other day and about 5 fell out. Caught me by surprise!

Joe M Joe M
Jun '21

I found these comments while seeking help with earwigs under my garage opener cover! My attached garage has none, while my detached seems to always hold several. Thinking about using borax.

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