Hackettstown Marijuana Dispensary

Haven’t seen or heard anything about anyone trying to get one going in town since recreational was legalized. Anyone hear anything? Maybe the cbd shops and vape shops will take care of it? Lots of empty storefronts in this town. Could be a lucrative business in due time.

Englishe30 Englishe30
2 weeks ago

No can do in Hackettstown. The town council passed a resolution creating a 5 year moratorium prohibiting cannabis sales in town. I believe it was passed in 2019.

I believe it was 5 years if I recall correctly.

Greg, if so, that would have to be repassed by the town. The new legalization law basically wiped out any bans instituted before the law was passed.

A town or municipality can allow or not allow any type of business the chose I believe. While cannabis may be legal in NJ individual towns can determine if a dispensary can operate within its jurisdiction as far as I understand.

If a town bans a legal product, they are fascist.

LibertarianismRules LibertarianismRules
2 weeks ago

The town is not banning a legal product. They are not allowing the retail sale, for a period of time, of a "legal" product.

Greg with the new law the town’s old ordinance is void and the town has 180days to create a new ordinance. The town can limit the number, which zone they are located in or ban them all together. We have had some meeting with interested parties that want to open cultivation in town and are drafting a new ordinance. More to come in the next few weeks/months

I was just researching that caveat. I did find the prior ordinance in the Land Development side. I stand corrected.

B. Marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana production or manufacturing
facilities, marijuana testing facilities, and retail marijuana stores are
prohibited in all zone districts.

It will be interesting to hear what may be proposed moving forward.

Sounds like a great opportunity for a local tax.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

"They are not allowing the retail sale, for a period of time, of a "legal" product."

Yeah. Exactly. They are banning sale of a product that is legal for adults to use. Like alcohol and tobacco are.

LibertarianismRules LibertarianismRules
2 weeks ago

Wouldnt surprise me if the town passed on the revenue. I think we’re all used to going to Morris county for the win.

I spoke with an employee of the little CBD shop near the pretzel place on Mountain Ave., and he said that the owner has every intention of including CANNABIS on the menu. However, the other shop they have is located in Sparta, so if Hackettstown is dragging their heels on this, then it'll only be the Sparta store that offers it, assuming Sparta allows for retail sales.

C'mon Hackettstown, it's time to enter the 21st century and move forward with this, it's a foregone conclusion that CANNABIS will be nationally legal in the not too distant future, so don't be one of the towns on the list of holdouts.

only one truth
2 weeks ago

Seems like it would be foolish to not let any of it happen in this town. All those empty buildings on Bilby would be great for cultivating and processing. Any of the many empty storefronts in town would make a great dispensary. Seems like a good revenue maker for the town.

englishe30 englishe30
2 weeks ago

when the town decided to vote to wait it was mainly because there was no law, there was a proposed law that kept getting changed and we had a deadline to make a decision before the final draft was adopted. Because there were so many uncertainties the town felt it was best to take a wait-and-see approach and see how it plays out.

this time around they are doing it right, there is a law on the books and now towns can read the law and have 180 days to decide. There are clear directions on what we as a town can do to place limits on the number, limits on which zone they can go in, and a clear understanding of what revenue we as a town can get via the municipal tax.

So it was not that the town was against the idea when it was first discussed years ago, it was we had no clue what we were saying yes to as the drafts of the law were changing almost weekly. Now that there is a clear law on the books, the town can come up with a game plan that would be a win win for the residents.

Jim L. Thanks for the input. Completely understandable years back. Glad to see it’s on the table and there is some legitimacy to it.

Englishe30 Englishe30
2 weeks ago

I hate to play devil's advocate here but doesn't that mean at the time the town was against opening medical dispensaries as it was the only option?

Musical Interlude #1



Yeah, if it becomes legal (and I mean as “legal” as tobacco) then it’s only a matter of time. Besides, there will be plenty of people who plant 5 or 6 plants in their yard and grow it themselves. Cant stop the green wave...

2 weeks ago

Consigliere....can’t stop, won’t stop. Team green!

Englishe30 Englishe30
2 weeks ago

I know it's going to be hard to enforce consigliere, but just remember nj is the only state with recreational/medical you can't home grow. Not even medical patients.

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