Looking for a Mortgage Lender

Hi! We are moving back to the area from out of state and need a mortgage lender.

Need someone that has later hours due to work and the time difference ( h town is an hour later then us )

We have found a home in Washington that we really like so need to get things moving quickly.

This will be our first home so want someone that’s okay with us asking lots of questions.

We have called a few but have not gotten any calls back.

Why not go to a Bank? I would ask a local branch to you to see if they cover NJ and go from there. Wells Fargo is in Hackettstown as well as PNC Bank.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
2 weeks ago

Don Anfuso
(201) 424-0426

kelleo22 kelleo22
2 weeks ago

Do not use Huntington Mortgage. When interest rates dropped 5-6 years ago I refinanced and it was like dealing with a used car salesman.

2 weeks ago

How about something like Rocket Mortgage?

I used them for a refinance and it was an easy process to go through.

I would think your realtor would have some recommendations.

I used Quicken Loans / Rocket mortgage for my last refi and most recent purchase. Because they are national their hours are great, I found it easy to connect with live reps, and most of the transaction and collection of info is done through their online portal. I also found their rates reasonable and comparable with other local and national lenders. On my first mortgage we worked with a local broker and while the process went fine, I found QL much more efficient and simple.

Also, my most recent mortgage was for a house in South Carolina while living in Texas. QL had no problem accommodating even though I was executing the docs from another state.

Happy Homemaker Happy Homemaker
2 weeks ago

Banks may have a limited selection of products in their offering.
There are many mortgage options available depending on the potential borrowers particular situation.
Check with your bank.
Also check with a Mortgage Broker.

Second Rocket mortgage. Was skeptical at first going with what I considered non traditional but could not have been happier

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

Pnc bank

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
2 weeks ago

bnc bank has great rates

or call or text Jen Jones @678-898-7635. She is great and easy to work with. Highly recommend

When I refinanced in 2016, Valley National had the best rate. Not sure how they currently compare.

Give a gentleman named Greg Quaresimo a call. He works for Investors Bank. Senior loan advisor. 973-713-7019... No funny business, great person to deal with.

2 weeks ago

Stay the F away from Wells Fargo. My first house mortgage was through them and they were awful. My second house mortgage was through another lender initially and then they sold it to Wells Fargo. Now I'm stuck with them again unless I go through the hassle (and paying) to move to another lender.

Joe Friday Joe Friday
2 weeks ago

Joe Friday....Wells Fargo is the worst. When we paid off mortgage, I could not get them to send the paperwork indicating that the loan was satisfied to Warren County Clerk's office. Same thing happen to my sister in Camden County. I finally had to get a supervisor involved and have them Fedex me the paperwork and I paid to have the paperwork processed at the county. It was a nightmare dealing with them.

If you're still looking for someone I would recommend Matt Ziegert and his team. Matt is quick to get back to you and answers any question you have. We just closed a loan with him about a month ago and they were great to work with.


Don't believe the ads you read about current rates. I entered my email and checked out the options with Lending Tree out of curiosity. Immediately- and instantly- got spammed by 4 companies offering a higher rate than I already have. And a rate 1.5% higher than the online ads they use to lure you in.

hktownie hktownie
2 weeks ago

Most online Mortgage and RE companies are only looking to monetize you as commodity.
Spread your contact information to other entities and if you’re converted they get a piece.

Try Rick, very professional and will answer all your messages and phone calls. Paramount Residential Mortgage group.
His number is 973-997-2125

Another one for Huntington, Pete Olivieri is a true professional who is excellent at his job. And he has flexible hours as well.

Dolce_Vita Dolce_Vita
2 weeks ago

I agree with Dolce Vita - Peter Olivieri at Huntington Mortgage is excellent. My son just used him and is very pleased. His office is in Chester.

copygirl copygirl
1 week ago

I second Peter Oliveri at Huntington Mortgage. We have used him 3 times to buy and several times to refinance. He is super knowledgeable and even has reached out to us at times when the rates dropped significantly letting us know refinancing may benefit us.

1 week ago

Check out Crown mortgage. Right in Panther Valley. Very helpful every step of the way

Affinity credit union did a great job and good rates. Open to nj residents.

Friendly Mc face Friendly Mc face
6 days ago

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