2021 Gardening Thread

What are you growing this year? Indoors...outdoors... We just started some Inca Berry and Red Globe Onions indoors under a grow light! I’d love to see any local gardeners photos!

6 days ago

Been growing herbs, lettuce all winter long; chicken soup really grand with fresh herbs and have a number of jars of dry waiting for our next pot o soup. Lettuce was out of control, had to socially distance because plants so big. Just means we get twice the seasons from one set of pods. Tomato's just starting to have little ones right now. Aerogarden -- a bit pricey but sure is fun and tasty. I have the small one; if I did it over I would opt for more real estate. Not so much the number of pods, but the potential distance between them.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
6 days ago

I bought seeds for Jersey Devil tomatoes which will be new this season. I saved seeds from last years crop of Serrano chillies, Marketmore cucumbers and string beans. I built worm vermicomposters last season and kale grew well in them. This season I purchased strawberry plants for them but will not get fruit until next year. I wait until March to start plants indoors.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
6 days ago

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