Dr Mazen Itani

Any one know why he was gone for over a year
Now back in practice... possibly future patient?

I would call his office and ask someone there. They may tell you.

I will say on the myriad of review/ranking websites for doctors, he seems to consistently get poor reviews from patients. I would consider looking through some of those comments as well as getting a true and accurate answer regarding his hiatus before making the decision to see him or not.

I will add I would be a person who would give a less than positive review of his office. I refer to his billing practices not medical skills.

no clue but check online reviews

He had a family emergency and went back home for the past year.

We had no problems with him or his skills. Good doctor.

I agree with Greg about the billing practices. I was not happy with that at all. I still have questions why his office is run that way.

Tracegirl9 Tracegirl9
February 17th

During an emergency gallbladder surgery I asked if he was in network and said, oh it should be covered ($200 for emergency services). I thought, I can handle that. Two weeks later, I get notified on a Monday that I will be put into collections on WEDNESDAY if I didn’t pay $23,000! Called my insurance company and they said don’t worry, we’re negotiating with the office. Got notified two more times- same thing. Finally I guess the insurance paid what he wanted. Bottom line, they stressed me out so I would call insurance and pressure them to pay.

Agree this guy is a crook. He did emergency appendix on my wife years back. Claimed he was in network then wasn’t. He balance bills and has predatory billing practices. He also screwed up the surgery and had to go back in. So a double bill. We sued him and he went away.

Steve, that’s awful!

I would not recommend using him after my experience with issues later on post surgery.

Please find another doctor. I used him went he was in my network and I didn’t have to pay anything then things changed ,He may be a good surgeon that went to his head thinking he was the best and could charge whatever he wanted he use to take all insurance then left all networks and billed top dollars that you were responsible for. He also doesn’t have any bed side manners.please his is not the only surgeon in the area that is good

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