Manny Moe and Jack-Pep Boys

Moving to RT 46

stephen stephen
Jan '21

Pep Boys ( Icahn Automotive Group L.L.C.) may open in this area. There is no set date just a long term possibility.

I got that from corporate directly as well as two different current location managers.

Where at?

Next to harbor

Jan '21

They been doing work at old dealership on 46 next to old diner.

Notice Notice
Jan '21

There are now signs at the former Hyundai dealer service shop stating Pep Boys will be coming soon.

I never lived by a pep boys. It’s basically an auto zone, right?

4 weeks ago

They're bigger than Auto Zone and do automotive repair and service as well .


Pep Boys is similar to the old R&S Strauss.
In fact, they were our major competitors in the 80's and 90's.

Imagine Auto Zone plus Firestone together.

I believe that building once was a Midas Muffler shop. Just saying.

Oh that’s interesting. I didn’t realize they serviced cars as well.

3 weeks ago

They also sell portable home power generators and some other items the other auto parts chain stores don't offer . It will be a nice addition to the local area .

I will stay with Mavis. Never had such good service with great prices.
Bring Arby's back. We have become a town of Auto shops/Auto parts store, Hair/nail salons, and now pot shops, Gas stations.
When I first moved up here like 24 years ago I love how mountain avenue first of all was only two lanes coming and going and there's was a lot of places to eat. I called it food court row it was great!

Outdoor Women
3 weeks ago

Outdoor woman — where are all these “pot shops”? Do you mean CBD? nicotine vapes?

The Hackettstown police department thanks you greg...

Bug-they are well aware of the product sales there for sure.

Kat, a few of the CBD and vape shops are selling cannabis now here in town. Once the official dispensary's open they may no longer sell as it is not legal for them to do so at this point.

As far as the many nail salons and all the other variety of stores I personally would rather see that as the fast food epidemic in this county is not good for anyone other than the bottom line for some. In my opinion.

I don't think we need another auto parts/service center in town. Who plans this crap, or are we just taking anything that wants to come here? Too many good mechanics to have the Pep Boy clowns service my car.


Technically they aren't "in town," while they'll have a Hackettstown mailing address, they're actually a part of Washington Township. They're the ones to vent your spleen about, if anyone. Washington doesn't always operate with consideration towards the effects on Hackettstown businesses, etc. Perhaps because we're "over the mountain" from most of their area.

I know that it isn't "in town" but seriously is there no variety that wants to come to the area? It's as exciting as getting another Rita's or Bagel place.

One thing Pep Boys has that the others don't is a huge color selection of rattle can spray paint . Every time I ever needed to respray painted wheels their store on rt 46 in Parsippany always had the right color in stock . Harbor Freight now Pep Boys just makes it a little easier for do it yourselfers without the excess travel . But I still miss the convenience and surprising inventory of Hometown Hardware .

BAM - if you are buying paint from any of those places to places to repaint especially wheels you are doing it wrong.

Google 2k paint. It's 2 part epoxy in a can- pricey and very short storage but MUCH better result and longevity.

Thanks Josh . But I learned how to scuff it up , sand blast , prime , piss coat , and gradually lay on the layers of paint in a friend's body shop in the early 80s . So much so that I was the go to guy for small spray bomb paint jobs .

Hope you didn't let that little accident you had with your CB1100 sour you on riding . Read the link below of one of my favorite automotive writers on that bike . I miss my VStrom , but not it's top heavy weight .

Steve - if the property is zoned commercial, then any business can rent/buy the land (unless it is specifically restricted otherwise). The towns can’t pick and choose what businesses are allowed at every location. So, yes, “we are just taking anything that wants to come here”

Supply and demand will dictate what the market will bear. It’s the beauty of capitalism. If the services being offered aren’t needed in the area, then the business won’t survive. There have been many complaints over the years on this forum about there being too many gas stations, drug stores, nail salons, etc. If the businesses survive then obviously the residents at large want them here!

FarmerJake FarmerJake
3 weeks ago

FarmerJake.........Very true and well said.

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