Harbor Freight Tools Coming to Hackettstown?

While searching on Indeed I found an opening for a Harbor Freight Tools manager in Hackettstown. It's listed as "new store coming soon!"


Anyone hear anything about this? Wonder where it would be, perhaps the old Party City lot.

honestyseasy honestyseasy
January 19th

I haven’t seen any construction plans for it yet.

Masks Fortheugly Masks Fortheugly
January 19th

Could be. While not listed on their coming soon store list, it is clearly on their jobs website for Hackettstown.


Maybe they are putting out feelers?

Good place for cheap flashlights , flags , and light duty hand tools .They only give a 90 day warranty on their electric Portland hedge clippers which burned up after about 40 minutes of use - past the 90 day warranty period so tough luck . Replaced with Black and Decker clippers for not that much more and have been using them 6 years and still going strong . With stores in Newton , Easton , Parsippany ,and Flemington I doubt if there is much need for another one . Besides they have cut back on their best deals and have been pushing their new credit card for the past two months .

I was in the store in Newton a few months ago and they said they were going to be opening a store in Hackettstown very soon.

Earnhardt Earnhardt
January 20th

We only attract the best :>(

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 20th

Well, HF certainly isn’t the “best” but for 95% of DIYers the tools are perfect. I even know a professional that buys their Daytona line of automotive jacks. They are so close to their Snap-on competitor that Snap-on actually sued HF (and lost). Apparently this lawsuit exposed Snap-on jacks for having been made in China in the same factory as the HF (Daytona) jacks. They were so close that snap on sued. Well, close in every way except price. Daytona jacks are around $170 while the snap on variant are over $600. Again, for DIYers that may use a particular tool a few times per year, it’s a great option.

January 20th

If it's opening " very soon" where is it?

It's a mixed bag at HF for sure . I've gotten 9 months out of their 6 dollar flags and only 5 or 6 from flags costing over twice as much . I got 2 of their Pittsburgh retractable tape measures for free with any purchase , one still works , the other refused to retract the second time I used it . Their little blue LED flashlights that sell for 89 cents with a coupon can't be beat for the price , nor can their 63 cent magnetic parts holders .

Once I was planning on buying a hand truck from them only to see that model with a severely wobbling wheel as a an HF worker used it to move a customer's order . I ended up buying a higher quality Milwaukee hand truck from Lowes heavily discounted on Black Friday . So buyer beware .


My flags last years, my tools a lifetime. I think I will stick where I am....

strangerdanger strangerdanger
January 20th

I surely hope not! My husband doesn't need another tool in this house!

maybe where Hometown Hometown Hardware is now?

Not to roll off topic but I have tried the flags from HF. While inexpensive they don't last too long. I buy my flags from Tractor Supply. They are American made and great quality lasting two years in continuous service. Only $19.99.

HF has plenty of items at a fair price point that I find adequate. They also have items I would not bother with. To each is own.

The other locations that could be big enough are the place behind the cinema (old Job Lots I think?), and the place next to Lowes (a Halloween store every year)

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
January 20th

I'm still ahead of the flag game paying 18 dollars for 27 months . No drooping porch flag here my flag flies 365 days a year on a tall pole and takes a beating . I've actually found the thinner material that dries faster and allows the wind to flow through lasts longer . HF sells 3 different flags , I get the middle embroidered one when it's on sale . They sell the thicker American made flags too for 20 bucks like I used to buy at Hometown Hardware years ago - never had one of those last past 6 months .


It could also be going in the old Party City spot. I would think it has to be a store that is a fairly decent size like Party City or Hometown Hardware.

I am sure Jim L knows

I am hopelessly addicted to Harbor Freight. Did you know they will take coupons off your phone? Did you know you can get all their coupons here?


moderateMike moderateMike
January 21st

I only buy Annin flags. Best in the country IMO.

Calico696 Calico696
January 21st

From the Daily Voice: 1/21 4:07p.m.
A new hardware store may soon be joining the Hackettstown community.

Harbor Freight Tools — which currently has more than 20 Garden State stores — is eyeing Hackettstown for its newest location.

“We are very interested in joining the Hackettstown community and are actively looking to do so,” Director of Corporate Communications Craig Hoffman told Daily Voice in an email.

The news comes just days after Home Towne Hardware on Main Street announced its upcoming closure after six decades in business.

Though the timing seems ideal, the logistics remain up in the air, as no specific location has been determined.

“Nothing has been finalized,” said Hoffman.

In the meantime, Hackettstowners with a hankering for hardware will have to visit nearby stores like Home Depot on Route 57 and Lowe’s on Mountain Avenue.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
January 21st

I've had good and bad luck. They're good for supplies, consumbable, and hand tools, especially odd ones like large combination wrenches. Mixed results on their power tools. Had a sawzall that wasn't worth a damn. They took it back. But I've also bought a 60lb jackhammer that is fantastic. I've had it for years and it was just as good as a Bosch that I rented.

MeisterNJ MeisterNJ
January 21st

There are several Youtubers that do a great job of reviewing and/or testing tools, including those from Harbor Freight. "Project Farm" is one of those that seems to present tests in real world applications and conditions and rates them with average buying prices listed, etc.

Phil- yes, I like the project farm series. A little frantic, but still good.

As for Harbor freight- just know where you are at, and what you are buying.

For most people doing small jobs at home- stuff like the sockets/ratchets are going to be fine.

I have the 20 ton shop press- no complaints. 2 of the retractable air reels for almost a decade before the hose on the most used one started cracking at the end.

IMO- the store would be a welcome addition to the area- just be prepared for the smell.


Harbor Freight has some pretty good buys on 'certain' items. I wouldn't mind them moving in town.

Just remember, you get what you pay for. I'll leave it at that.

January 22nd

Do tell

Roywhite Roywhite
January 22nd

The smell of deep discounts!! LOL

I always walk in the door and think to myself- the smell of China.

@josh me too! it gives me a free buzz!! love that store!!

moderateMike moderateMike
January 23rd

I feel the smell is their crummy, low grade rubber products like tires and anything with black rubber as part of the product.
I never thought they would come to H'town. I didn't think their was enough customer volume for their business plan.

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