Joining a gym

I am looking to join a gym. Any recommendations on which gym you prefer

Riverside is excellent!
Been going there for years.
Priced right.

Depends what you are looking for.

Riverside: A lot of older people and really weird layout. One room is warm and another could be cold.
Golds: Big, has a lot of equipment that other gyms don't.
Retro: very small, cardio is upstairs (heat rises so think about that), not much options, but probably the cleanest gym around.
Golds in Flanders: Family owned and updated.

January 19th

I used to belong to Gold's - it was clean & had a lot of equipment. People working there were friendly. Good classes. It got crowded at times. The cost was reasonable. Only thing I didn't like was that the bathrooms did not have any paper towels or tissues. After working out, sometimes you need some paper towels instead of those horrid drying machines.

I would say if you can save and buy a peloton. It’s the Gym of the future.

Joint a gym during Pandemic comes with some risk. They are open right now but would you really want to go there.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
January 19th

Drew, we did just that and haven’t looked back. Best decision.

Yeah for everything they give you for 40.00 a month I think the best bang for the bucket and I’m hooked on it. Started at 210 in June down to 190

Another vote for peloton! I got the bike last April at the start of the pandemic and am now eyeing their tred.

January 19th

Fitness Empire on Rt 94 in Blairstown is great if you don't mind traveling a bit.

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