Polar vortex

Interested in the hearing from our weather experts when the information on storms this polar vortex may bring in the next few weeks to the northeast does that include our area . Thank you

Just coach
January 13th

Re: Polar vortex

Meh no one really knows, it's all just conjecture. Fun to guess though. Google that same query and you will get a gazillion sites with different forecasts. LOL

I always have and will continue to read the rock! LOL. Rock never wrong!

It might snow but it might not...might get really cold or maybe just mild...but in any case head to shoprite for milk and eggs...do it now...beat the crowd

No major storms being tracked at this time ... just a lot of cold air

LibertyThinker LibertyThinker
January 13th

Rock rolling...alien

Roywhite Roywhite
January 13th


This is pretty helpful in explaining what is happening. Wouldn’t really call it conjecture.

Resident Resident
January 13th

It happens every winter

When I said no one really knows I meant here on HL. No offense to any of the weather fans out here. I'm fairly confident there are not too many qualified, professional meteorologist experts that regularly check in here. It's just a group of folks that enjoy discussing various weather events, some armed with information found online.

I gather true experts may garner a much more accurate guess at a forecast. However at the end of the day it really is just an educated guess in my opinion.

Except for the Rock. The Rock is always correct LOL!

Farmers Almanac? Lol

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Re: Polar vortex
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