Amerigas Delivery Issues


Anyone else a current customer who is having delivery issues? I can't seem to get anyone on the phone and when I do they are of NO help.

Any recommendations for a new propane company? I regret not doing my due diligence when I moved to the area.


Amerigas is known to price-gouge/manipulate/scam its clients - So if you can get out...


2) If you can, you are BETTER OFF in the long run to OWN YOUR OWN TANK - where you can choose whoever has the lower bid / lower price to serve your propane needs.

3) Eastern Propane is the LEAST corrupt propane company (that I know). However just merged or bought out by mySuperior - so can't say how the "new management" will serve you.

Good Luck [There's a number of forums within this site and other comments or reviews on "propane providers" who can serve you depending where you live (Some have a monopoly in certain areas) to help you check further]
3 weeks ago

A driver told me they changed computer systems and are still working out the bugs. All the office staff now works from home. I found it was easier to schedule my delivery from the online portal.

Just keep in mind that when you own your own tank every company you call will want to do some sort of safety check before filling your tank (usually there is a fee). Not a huge deal but just another thing you have to deal with.

I have Amerigas because they own the tank. As much as I hate their prices, their customer service has greatly improved over the years. Scheduling a fill through the portal is easiest, but make sure it actually shows up as being scheduled. I've had issues with that not happening.

Smilingbecs Smilingbecs
3 weeks ago

Lol took me 3 weeks and atleast 4 phone calls being on hold forever ! to get gas ...Great company..

Old Timer
3 weeks ago

Since they took away the ability for us to call our local office, for me Chester, trying to get through is awful. Called three times this week, gave up twice due to length of on hold status and once with two questions where one was answered and then “disconnected.” I have never had a 15% tank reading and am on auto delivery. Love the recording on their line that they are improving to better serve their customers, yeah right! Miss having natural gas.

justwondering justwondering
2 weeks ago

We had five different residences where I live that had to wait over 3 weeks including me for delivery that was made online. Pretty tired of no answers, no help, corporate doesn't do anything in PA. We're looking for other propane companies. The houses are 26 years old so the homeowners probably own the tank at this point.

Fairclough propane responds quickly to calls and has fair prices. I switched from. Amerigas due to ongoing problems. I rent tanks.

I have Eastern and very satisfied. Even after they got bought they have left the local contacts in place.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
2 weeks ago

Happy New Year!

Well we finally got a delivery on the day after New Year's when we called and demanded a fill and told them that our entire house smelled like propane and we were recording the call since we were being lied to every day on a delivery.

I felt so bad for the driver when he arrived. He told me I was his 20th trip of the day. He told me to get another company and that most of their personnel were going to another competitor. The problem seems to be that all calls are getting routed from Ohio(?) and delivery calls are all over the place.

I have a few companies I am looking into but I need to address breaking a contract with them since I did sign one. It should be easy if they can't provide me a service i signed up for.

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