PetValu Closing

The entire chain is shutting down. Closing sales to start soon.

alpha1beta alpha1beta
Nov '20

I assume it is tough competing with Chewy.

Time for a tax increase. That new theatre is next.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
Nov '20

I think most of that strip mall will be empty by end of Jan sad

They can blame Covid but, in our store, I pretty much felt socially distanced. I think it might just be the nail, not the coffin.

Of course, who uses them after Chewy came online around in the early 2010's. I mean sorry, but ever even see a Pet Valu website? Hello video stores, here's comes Netflix, good luck..... Unless you have a personal service angle, like some of our pool stores for example, brick and mortar makes less and less sense. And these guys were thick as a brick, not sure they even attempted the internet....

This year Chewy feels strong enough to take on Tidy Cats, taking them out of the AutoShip arena and replacing with a Chewy-brand product. Could get interesting......

It's the way of retail --- taking costs out of the value chain. Like the job Factory Stores did on the mall, then Big Box on Factory Stores, mail order nibbled away and now the internet on so many things - often total replacement. But some companies learn personal service angles and survive. OMG --- Sound Effects Record Store is still in town!!!!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Nov '20

SD - Some Pet Valu stores, including the one in Mansfield, have self-serve dog wash available. It's handy when you need it. The tubs are raised, so you don't strain your back and they provide everything you need, the best part is you leave the mess and they clean it up.

Lynnada Lynnada
Nov '20

Been shopping there for many many years. Managers and workers all knew my name. What I wanted was sometimes hard to get, and they would always go out of their way to find it and bring it there! Not sure where I'm going to turn for this odd item I want. I will dearly miss them!

Sad Neighbor
Nov '20

So sad to read. We loved the store and the staff were always so helpful. That COVID and our inept President lack of a coherent response are to blame for yet another closing.

Friendly Mc face Friendly Mc face
Nov '20

This stinks. Another brick-and-mortar bites the dust. I love that store, and my dogs eat that brand (Performatrin) food. Do you know what a PITA it can be to find a new kibble that agrees with your dog's stomach?

I thought I read ALL PetValus were closing, but the girl working there said the ones "in the south" were staying open because "they didn't have the lockdowns as bad as we did"? IDK the validity of that.

It's really sad to see another brick-and-mortar go. And it's not "oh well" sad. It's "if this doesn't stop, the towns will be overrun with empty buildings and local economies will be heavily damaged" concerning.

JeffersonRepub JeffersonRepub
Nov '20

They are closing all locations in the US. Gift cards will be honored until Dec 13 and sales are taking place right now.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
Nov '20

Sad Neighbor - Hackettstown Pet on Main St will special order what you need if their distributers can get it.

Lynnada Lynnada
Nov '20

Hackettstown Pet on Main Street is excellent. The owner is very accommodating & will special order.

Mindy's Mom Mindy's Mom
Nov '20

Thanks for the suggestion. As for the 'down south' stores, they go by a different name, I think they said it's "Supermarket Pets" or something like that. They are staying open.

Sad Neighbor
Nov '20

Hackettstown Pet is fantastic. When we first got our rescue dog, we soon realized we had to switch her from the food she was on because it made her sick. The folks at Hackettstown Pet really took the time to explain the different foods. I mean, they literally spent an hour with us until we arrived at a perfect and affordable brand of dog food (not one of the better-known brands either).

We do everything we can to avoid ordering from Chewy. Jim, the owner at Hackettstown, special ordered enough of our food so that we could stock up and minimize shopping trips right now.

I'll miss Pet Valu for the harnesses, leashes, sweaters, and toys. What a shame.

SquirrelGrrl SquirrelGrrl
Nov '20

They helped find homes for so many kitties! I'm gonna miss seeing them every time I pick up pet food. I've been told that it is in your pets best interest to only buy food from an actual pet store rather than online

Noname Noname
Nov '20

I looked up our dogs food on chewy and it is $5 more per bag. We have 3 130lbs dogs so that $5 per bag adds up quickly especially if you multiply that by their entire life!

Independent observer Independent observer
Nov '20

I dunno nname; online food has more bytes.

IO- after the 5% auto ship, free shipping, just tends to be a buck or more for me for kitty specialty blend. I can only really beat it with a coupon. $5 a bag at any bag weight would be too much for me.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
Nov '20

This is just a small reminder to all of us this holiday season to shop small businesses. Please take a break from Amazon! Help to keep our beautiful town afloat especially this year.

Starbright Starbright
Nov '20

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