Where to sell antiques/collectibles?

We have some collectibles, some old family items that we would like to sell. Any recommendations for local dealers? I know there are many stores that sell, not sure which ones buy.

Gardenfish Gardenfish
October 25th

If you think of items 100+ years as the "antique" level, that's 1920 now. It's into the era of mass manufacture where there were millions of many items created. That, changing tastes, and economic conditions have made the bottom fall out of the antique market.

A lot depends on what you have, most items of any value need a specialist. Go to the city, not local. Otherwise anything small and easy to mail, go eBay. Large furniture type items sell yourself on Craigs List and here. But you're only going to get used furniture values, they're not worth more than that. A lot of items today you're lucky to sell for anything at all.

Depends what you have. Sports collectibles have exploded during Covid. Especially anything with a certified signature. I would recommend getting anything like that graded by a rating service before attempting to sell.

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
October 25th

Well thanks GC ---- ruined my day. Not only off --- but like 80% off.... Off to the point of sellers "redefining" what is an antique, with many "collectibles" sneaking in.

Fortunately, my collection has been based on use. As is not only useable but generally better than current. That said, doubt the kids will do much but sell it any ways and why not. Have a collectible stainless set, very well made, will last a few lifetimes. However, since not made ----- each piece is a minimum of $20 so while it will last a lifetime- personally I am passing it on with the adage ---- "lose some pieces, just sell the rest, ain't worth replacing unless you're into stainless ---- which I doubt. So, price isn't going down.....

Also found some yard sale wooden plates, like for tea sandwiches, or cheese/crackers. Owner didn't notice it was Russell Wright, got for $15, for eight, worth $600 a plate now and the price has been rising. First time I ever bought low to be able to sell high in decades of looking. But again, prices for these ---- most certainly collectible in my book, now antique in the new book ---- not going down.

Generally, you are correct though, new buyers just not interested at the current time. However, I have seen the curve go up and down and so.....I say, it depends but if you think your price is depressed, and you can wait --- good chance a resurgence will happen

Meanwhile agree --- just price em by looking around, list them on ebay, if in a hurry, try auction house, or other internet buyer. For example, stainless, silverware, china, dinnerware, etc. ------ you can use https://www.replacements.com/stainless-flatware-sets/c/494208 and get a quick price. Not your best price, but a quick one.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
October 25th

If you have items of real value, bring them to an auction house. I have used Dennis Auctions on several occasions. They will appraise it and sell it for a good market value.

Thank you everyone. I think I will try Dennis Auctions.

Gardenfish Gardenfish
October 27th

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