Recommendations for replacing a oil furnace

Any current recommendations on who to use to replace a oil furnace?

Advanced Heating and Air Asbury NJ . We just had them do ours. Very reasonable , Very professional, and Very Nice!

Replace it with natural gas. You won't be sorry.

O’Brien plumbing. Very professional

Philliesman Philliesman
October 22nd

G B Comfort services

Get an estimate from TGM.

Where is TGM? Hackettstown?

Yes, they are on Warren St in Hackettstown.

Everything you need to know at

what was the cost to purchase the oil furnace with labor??


Hackresident Hackresident
October 24th

Spring can you give us an idea of what the cost was

Just had one replaced by Petro Home Services. Did a very good job. Also got a service contract because this thing is much more complicated than the 40 year old beast it replaced. Well worth the price, especially for the first year. Also needed chimney work, which they did.

USAfirst USAfirst
October 25th

AJMS call them. They'll come over and give you an estimate for your furnace

Replaced my 40-year old Burnham/Beckett still running at 83% efficiency with a new one at 87% efficiency. Wanted something old, something new, because oil is dirty, lots of moving parts, and most of the new technology surrounds the boiler. Looked at higher efficiency, but just didn't see the return, and it was all so new. It's still a three pass burner, but pretty old school. Real savings comes from surround. So, I added external sensor, direct air intake, and smart package, combined with some really intelligent hp thermostats which are actually pretty much rendered useless as we are mostly at home now. Also have five zones, all discrete with individual pumps, and a solar hot water precursor to my oil-fired hot water tanks. Replaced oil tank at same time, all new piping, so my price from eight years ago probably not important to most people using a single connection to a multi-port zone controller. Guys did a nice job of the piping which, with five zones, five pumps, solar hot water piping too, is a bit of an art.

Used Region Oil, because I knew the guys from Budd Oil days, install was great, but here's what I learned. New higher efficiency exhaust destroyed my 1970's chimney liner pretty quick, had to replace in two years, shoulda done it at install had I known. Second, my direct vent intake caused some furnace sputtering as we hit 0-degrees outside. Mfg. said impossible, oil guys said "mix" has more corn, thicker, suggested new nozzle. But, instead, I put a valve in the direct vent intake so I could quickly go from outside to inside intake. Just turn the valve, put a cap on the outside pipe, and voilà, works just like most furnaces taking air from the basement. Usually just flip it a couple weeks a year, probably don't even have to.

Did same for pellet stoves since they tend to groan a bit at 0-degrees too. So, my lessons learned were 1) not adding too much new technology seemed a good choice when dealing with oil, 2) check your chimney requirements, and 3) if you use direct vent intake (and you should), make sure you have a manual valve to be able to shift in inside air intake for those really cold ones. Just gives you peace of mind, even though should not be necessary. Cheaper to install as precaution than as an emergency cure.

We laugh now because the house actually gets warmers as it gets colder out and all the controls and pellets begin to bring in some extra power. Also, hot water temps can fluctuate (which you won't have) because if the sun's out, the precursor is hotter than the oil fired so the hot water tank temperature goes above the average temperature. I call those Fall Days ---- free jacuzzi time!!

strangerdanger strangerdanger
October 26th

Nobody at TGM want to give me an estimate. I really wanted to support a local family business but when they blow you off they must not need the work

I can never understand that mentality of contractors, Bug3.

We've used Gallagher's for years. I know they service both gas and oil. They replaced our gas furnace and AC about 6 years ago. We call them for yearly maintenance also. Always shows up when expected. My brother-in-law used them for a new HVAC and that's who they call now. We're very happy with them and highly recommend them.

Mr. Resident Mr. Resident
October 26th

Not give you an estimate over the phone, or not give you an estimate without doing a site survey?

Not setting up a time to come out and look at the scope of work to give an estimate. I'd never expect one any other way. So many contractors either never return a phone call or never show up for the estimate.

No estimate on the phone ( took my info.. no call back).. told me they would not do a site survey that I would on get a call that never came... I called twice..that was enough abuse for me

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