I Need a qualified person to cut my small bird's nails, Need suggestions...

I have a canary. I do not handle her. She needs her nails cut badly and I can not get her to let me hold her let alone cut her nails. They are way too long and I dont want it to start causing damage to her feet. Does anyone know of a qualified bird technician or vet that can cut my birds nails for a reasonable fee that makes house calls or at least is a close drive to hackettstown. I prefer a home visit. Please give me any qualified people you know with name and phone numbers or their business address. Thanks for your help!

Go to Patterson Bird Store. Well worth the drive. Only people I trust for my 4 birds. Do not use World of Birds in Chester.

GaryLikesFishing22 GaryLikesFishing22
2 weeks ago

I’ve been taking mine to Hackettstown pet store for 22 yrs, Jim is very good and does a great job.

My name is Lou and I live in Hackettstown. Over the past several years my company has developed a new product to automatically trim your birds nails. We have created a youtube video of how the product works. I am not looking to sell you anything. We are in the final design stage and would like you to view the video and give honest feedback. We have spent a lot of time and money developing this - Hopefully you'd be willing to help.


Thanks in advance


Louis Bizzarro Louis Bizzarro
1 week ago

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