Heritage House- Hackettstown Senior Housing

I'm looking for information about the apartments here. If anyone knows someone who lives there or lived there. I would like to find out the size of a studio apt. also if it has a full size stove and refrigerator. I have already contacted the manager of the building. I cant get answers about these things. Any information is appreciated.

BevBighead BevBighead
Sep '20

if you can't get info from manager, be wary of the whole place.

Sure can't find a website. There are reviews, but.....

strangerdanger strangerdanger
Sep '20

Agreed EVV.

Mel81 Mel81
Sep '20

Is liberty house still senior housing?

Sep '20

My friends mom lives there. The office is not good at getting back to people quickly. The studio does not have a regular size stove. The refrigerator is small but , I would say apt size. The studio I have seen is an "L" shape. You walk into the galley kitchen.I honestly can't judge the size. It is fine for one person.There is a laundry, a game room, patio in the back. They also do take assistance if you are a senior.

Suburbia Suburbia
Sep '20

Liberty House is no longer strictly senior housing. There are still many seniors there, but there are a good number of younger folks too.

Route 46
Sep '20

I was in a few apartments several years ago when they held an open house.. At that time thaere was a full stove in all apartments, though it was small. But all stoves had 4 burners and an oven. In my opinion, the one bedroom apts. were great. I would not like the studio, but that's just my personal choice.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
Sep '20

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