Epoxy garage floor contractor?

Anyone have any recommendations for a contractor that does really nice epoxy garage floors?

Roger S.
1 week ago

I would assume any painter would take that kind of job. Not sure if anyone specializes in that though. check out ucoatit.com.

Sacks cousin
1 week ago

From everything I’ve read, it’s a pretty easy process. The key is doing a moisture test to see if the ground moisture permeates through the garage floor, which would case the epoxy to fail. Take a 12”x12” pice of plastic food wrap and duct tape the edges to you garage floor. Wait a few days. If you see any type of moisture built up on the plastic film, you don’t want to try to epoxy the floor. It will eventually fail.

1 week ago

Re: Epoxy garage floor contractor?

Give Rob over at RKB painting a call.....908 763 1670.....tell him Rizzo recommended you!!

Warren County Life Warren County Life
1 week ago

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