Garage Sale Question

I am thinking of having a Garage Sale on Saturday at the bottom of my driveway in Indy since it is supposed to be a lovely day. I know a few people have had Garage Sales recently. I'm wondering if it is worth all the effort - I am mainly wondering if people will stop by a Garage Sale? I would request in my ad that masks must be worn, and I will provide hand sanitizer and other safety protocols. I was unable to have my yearly gsale last year and have packed boxes that I don't even remember what's inside other than no junk. I will list in the classifieds if I go forward. Thank you.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
3 weeks ago

I say go for it! There are a bunch happening this weekend so I'm sure folks will be out looking for them. Be sure to add it to the HL calendar as well as on any and all social media sites including Craigslist. While the financial gain may not be the goal- just knowing you cleared some clutter while meeting new friends on a beautiful day is reward enough!
Good luck.

Thank you Greg. I use few social media sites. I would definitely use Craigslist and the HL calendar and Nextdoor at Panther Valley. Do you know others that might be a good idea? I appreciate your time and your posts on other subjects. Thank you.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
3 weeks ago

I’ve sold a lot of items that had been cluttering up my home through the local garage sale pages on Facebook. I put things on my porch, people pick them up and leave the cash in an agreed upon place. No-contact and super East.

3 weeks ago

Thank you I'mOnSaxton!

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
3 weeks ago

Go for it! I would love to come! Where?
Excited already!

Sandy Tomlinson Sandy Tomlinson
3 weeks ago

Greg - There are none on the HL calendar, only 2 listed on Craig's List. Are there others advertised in other places?

We have the same question about what kind of success people have had. It looks like we may be giving it a try on Saturday. I'm mostly concerned the holiday will affect the chance of people going around.

It'll be up on both Craigslist and the HL Classifieds as soon as I can get the ad organized. Signs will be up in Brook Hollow.

I saw a multi family sale listed at a Willow Grove address, also one in Panther Valley. I guess I also include estate sales in my mind and not necessarily here in town. I saw some listed in Roxbury, Columbia, Sparta etc. I guess I should have clarified not right here in town. I consider a 20 mile radius or so local when it comes to searching for goodies at garage/estate sales! LOL.

The weather looks to be spectacular the next few days.

GC, Greg, Sandy and others who have contacted me with info re Garage Sales. I have decided to go forward with the sale both Saturday and Sunday because the weather is spectacular. If nobody comes here because it's a bit out of the way I will enjoy sitting at the bottom of my driveway reading and relaxing. I've listed under the Classifieds on HL, Craigslist and Nextdoor at Panther Valley. I will start setting up late afternoon today if any locals are out and about it's fine if you stop by. I am healthy but because of my age being in the high risk category I will wear a mask and hope anyone who stops by will wear one too.

Mrs. Pipes Mrs. Pipes
3 weeks ago

The foot traffic has been alright but not overwhelming. The good news thought is almost everyone is buying a little. It's so often, particularly the town wide where people would roll down the window, look over, and then drive off. Both yesterday and so far today people seem to want to look it all over and usually find at least one thing.

This weekend is townwide ys say in washington

underdog underdog
2 weeks ago

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