Proposed Abattoir at Stiger Livestock Auction

I am curious as to what folks thoughts are on the proposal? I'm guessing if people did not attend the Land Use Board meeting last month, you may not be aware of the proposal.Also, I guess the 200 foot notice requirement may not include many other properties. They are looking to add a slaughterhouse component on the existing site.

The next discussion looks to be at the Sept 22nd meeting according to the LUB agenda for the next meeting.

a. Livestock Auction Market, App #20-08, Block 41, Lot 24 - Preliminary Major Site Plan/Final Major Site Plan (Applicant requested notice to be carried to the September 22, 2020 Meeting)

Jobs to be created.
Everyone likes more jobs.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
August 13th

Agreed jobs jobs jobs and fresh meat!

Can't be any worse than Ceitner farms.

With a slaughterhouse in Hackettstown, you're also going to get more horrible smells and stink, more smelly manure, more noise from the animals, and bad energy from fearful animals soon to be killed. Not as nice as it seems.

Horrible! If half the people who are meat saw what the truth is regarding slaughterhouses and the abuse the animals go through you would become a vegetarian.


Bad energy to be nearby!

It’s a good thing!! Jobs fresh meat and more taxes paid to the town.. We need this!!

I looked on the town website for some details and don't see anything. I recall from the last LUB meeting only some of the details. I don't think this will be a very large processing facility if I recall correctly.

Disgusting. Create jobs in another way.
Nobody wants this in this middle of town.

rhubarab333 rhubarab333
August 13th

Completely agree with you @rhubarab333! We don't need that right here.

Somechick1 Somechick1
August 13th

PETA will be all over this place in a NY minute. Hackettstown will be getting bad press if this happens! Where will the blood and waste run off too? Residents backyards? Another stream in a Hackettstown? Absolutely disgusting they are proposing a health hazard.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 14th

Someone needs to research this thoroughly. There are more important impacts on a town that need to be taken into consideration. Wouldn’t want it in my town!

Spring fever Spring fever
August 14th

Who would that be...? They closed the last horse slaughter plant in the US in 2007. They are illegal. What kind of animal slaughterhouse are they proposing in a Hackettstown? Did anyone do the any research? Doubt it.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 14th

Aren’t there a number of these in the area to serve the different farmers markets selling meats? Just wonder if there’s a nearby example. .

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 14th

Completely revolting. People in the know - please keep us posted.

The Auction House is looking to turn one of their buildings into an animal processing facility. Animal processing facility is not a permitted us in the Town's LM district so they are seeking a use variance. Their application was deemed incomplete at the July meeting and have asked to postpone until the Sept meeting to come back and have their application deemed complete. Once it is deemed complete they will have public meetings. I, as always, encourage anyone from the public that has concerns regarding an application to attend the LUB meetings to voice those concerns.

Not sure if our Sept meeting will be in person or via zoom or a combination yet.

Seems to me that if zoning allows for this use, should be approved.
Not a pleasant prospect having to drive by it all the time, will probably change my route if it becomes a reality.
Now, all of the units behind the Pharmacy-that’s another story.
Way, way to many units.
Any board members that approved that variance should be removed.

More jobs ? How many jobs will this create? 10 ?20 ?
The idea of putting it here is pure BS.....
This is a nice college town and it should be kept that way.

If you eat meat, you cannot complain. Most of your great grandparents and beyond were farmers. What did you think they did with their animals?

LibertarianismRules LibertarianismRules
August 14th

If you are in favor of this proposal, I urge you to talk to residents in towns where this already exists. The stench of death, the blood literally running in the streets, dumpsters overloaded with discarded pieces of bodies. No one wants to see this. Certainly no one wants to live near this.

Ahimsa269 Ahimsa269
August 14th

Jim L thanks for providing more info.

Some back ground information on the topic from the internet
‘Environmental Integrity Project re: Water Pollution From Slaughterhouses

Another Article: Downside of Slaughterhouses ( E-Colli contamination, pollution from animal wastes) Warning...This was very graphic. Not for weak stomachs

Do an on line search for more info.

Spring fever Spring fever
August 14th

There is sanitary sewer in West Stiger Street that they can connect their process waste to; why would the blood need to be flowing in the street?

This isn't some massive hog farm in rural Arkansas; let's not get overly dramatic about it, lol.

Exactly ianimal.

This doesn’t look like a large scale facility. This proposal seems to be so that the livestock auction can dispatch and butcher the animals sold threw the auction on their property.

Uh....think these things are all around us. Hope, Tranquility (not sure they slaughter, but has to be fairly close at least), Sussex, Newton, Washington, to name a few......

Really depends on the size and the regulations as to any potential dangers. Most of these are really "specialty" shops versus mass consumer operations.

Still a NIMBY for sure, but you got the train tracks, station parking lot and Valentine Street before you get to maybe four or five houses. Pretty sure no one gets the 200 foot notification on this one.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
August 14th

Only vegetarians have the right to complain.

The rest are complicit.

callitlikeIseeit callitlikeIseeit
August 14th

Judging by the way the livestock auction maintains their buildings now I would not trust them to run a clean facility or care about the residents around them. that place should be shuttered already. It’s an eyesore to the town. People saying it will create jobs I don’t it will be enough it will be enough to offset the negative impact to the towns image.

I could not disagree more,Tpat. The Livestock Auction site is always neat and clean. Sure the buildings are older but not an eyesore by any stretch. I feel Hackettstown is fortunate to still have a business like this located here. It represents and benefits the heartbeat of our country- the American Farmer. Sure many people prefer to not know or see how foods are brought from the farm or ranch to the table. That is simply their loss and in my opinion ignorance on a certain level. As far as I have seen living here only 30 years, the Livestock Auction has always been a good neighbor and unique asset to our town.

I will add if the proposal is approved, I don't see how a relatively small amount of processing done there will have much if any detrimental impact on the town's image

Britten Road - Green Village NJ (which is technically I believe part of Chatham Township and part of Harding Township) Slaughter house mixed in among average homes to multi-million dollar homes.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
August 14th

Some of you folks are really uneducated when it comes to slaughter. The health implications are enormous. Where is the retention base of blood going to go?The storm drains perhaps? This is a Hackettstown jobs initiative? What a joke? Haha Hackettstown great job and the college kids subjected to this too?

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 14th

Pampurr, do you really think they throw out anything that can be used or sold? It’s collected, packaged, and sold. Just about everything is used.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 14th

Meat lover here.
This is not the right location. Allamuchy, Independence, Liberty, or White Township are more reasonable. Not by restaurants, retail, and breweries.

Strangerdanger, read about the Dallas Crown plant and the Mayor who closed it down. Lots of good info on slaughter houses.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 15th

Yes. And there are foul churches too. Does that mean all slaughterhouses are like Dallas? Is the farm in Hope evil? Butchers in Newton, Washington, and Sussex too?

Dallas Crown was a 2007 large volume meat packing plant for horse meat owned by a Belgium Corporation that broke the law. Hardly the same size, scope, or target market of what’s being proposed here. I do not think the plan is to be illegal.

Volume, target market, and regulation can help. I expect low volume, pray for specialty target market and trust in NJ regulations to keep us safe.

Frankly, I would love a nearby outlet for some great steaks. And it’s NIMBY or anyones either, really.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 15th

You can’t drain blood into our sewers, was that a serious suggestion? Sigh...

I hope everyone will go and protest this. I can remember a town called Harrison NJ they had a company called Teoball division of swift it smelled the entire town up with rotting like dead meat. That smell after 60 years still sticks with me . Hackettstown will smell.
Maybe you will eat horse meat too. Its sad that the animals are auctioned off in hopes for a better life just to find out its there last ride. There is so much wasted food in markets already Don't let this happen. The value of your property will go down !
animal rights, be their elbow.

tangerine tangerine
August 15th

Hello, I am interested in those who oppose this to email me with your concerns. IF you are interested in signing a petition please note. IF you live within 200 feet of the proposed land use, please note.
Thank you.
Slaughter Free Hackettstown

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 15th

Horse Slaughter in the US is illegal by the FEDS. Please sign the petition above. Show up at the meeting! Many many facts about slaughter on the internet. Please post the petition. Thank u. Contact the media. Advocates!

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 15th

How can anyone sign a petition or even "protest" this proposal without even knowing exactly what the proposal is?? I would think understanding and knowing all of the facts as they are presented in the actual proposal would allow folks to formulate an education opinion on it. Otherwise it all seems like putting the cart before the horse. I asked what folks opinions are however I did state I had little info. I suggest attending the meeting on the 22nd to learn more.

Slaughter Free Hackettstown members will attend meeting on the 22nd to understand and details on the specifics. We will be prepared to take next steps contingent on the outcome of the meeting September 22. Thank you. Spetri01

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 15th

"How can anyone sign a petition or even "protest" this proposal without even knowing exactly what the proposal is??"

Well Greg, who are you that you can have a solid opinion on this?? Without even knowing exactly what the proposal is, right??

Certainly gives anyone else the right to have an opinion. I certainly can protest this right from the start, and I see many others feel the same way.

happiest girl
August 15th

Just call it what it is, a slaughterhouse.

It would not impact storm drains and would need and follow NPDES permit conditions for storm runoff.

HMUA could handle the effluent, which would be contained inside and sent through sanitary sewer. They may have to watch their BOD and COD limits, but should be no problem for HMUA.

Odor would only be an issue if the were going to put in rendering operations or an outside clarifier which would not happen based on the scale of facility which could be placed on that property.

Pretty much no impact to that part of town.

I have not stated a "solid" opinion on this proposal. I simply point out that protesting something without even remotely knowing the scope of the proposal seems premature and based solely on an emotional response.

I prefer to get the facts from the actual proposal then formulate my opinion on the project. Just as each LUB member has a fiduciary responsibility to do the same. They're required to look at the totality of the proposal and its impact on the town both positive and negative before making any sort of informed decision. As judge Judy would say. " feelings are irrelevant" .

Greg, you certainly have given your opinion here on this thread.
You also, in your opening post on this topic, wrote:

"I am curious as to what folks thoughts are on the proposal."

Seems you don't like the answers you are getting.

happiest girl
August 15th

The storm drains are a mess every deluge of rain. Who are u kidding. Just look at the Bergen Tool property. The flooding at that place occurred at Rt 46. And my friends business under water. The drains cannot handle even a rain storm.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 15th

The auction house does not own any animals they just help facilitate the sale of livestock from 1 farmer to another. That farmer buys the livestock at the auction house and then takes it to a animal processing plant and then takes the meat back to their farm to sell it. So with this proposal they would slaughter the animal here and then still take the meat to their farm to sell. So those that think this will be a place to buy fresh meat are Incorrect as the auction house is just killing the animals that someone else owns. They wouldn’t be selling the meat.

Come to the Sept LUB meeting to get correct information

"The storm drains are a mess every deluge of rain. Who are u kidding. Just look at the Bergen Tool property. The flooding at that place occurred at Rt 46. And my friends business under water. The drains cannot handle even a rain storm."

As Timmy stated above "It would not impact storm drains and would need and follow NPDES permit conditions for storm runoff.

HMUA could handle the effluent, which would be contained inside and sent through sanitary sewer. They may have to watch their BOD and COD limits, but should be no problem for HMUA."

They can't just allow it to run into the streets and pollute the storm drain system. Any fluids or at least most of them would go into the sanitary sewer system. You know, the place where people's solids and liquids go. They are two different systems, though it seems as though a lot of folks may not be aware of that.

I'm not trying to state support or opposition to the project, only to make sure that people are debating on the basis of the facts, rather than the supposition that the storm drains and sanitary sewer system are one in the same. Of course if there is several feet of water flooding the area, water may be forced into the sanitary sewer system and make it back up and flow into the streets, but that's highly unlikely here.

Too bad about the availability of steaks. Guess you need some aging anyway. Oh well.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 15th

Phil D., chances are that if we were having such a deluge necessary to cause flooding to such a scale, there wouldn't be an auction that resulted in having any animals needing to be processed. But as you also mentioned, I would be far more concerned, in that unlikely event, of all the human feces flooding the streets, rather than animal blood...


"I would be far more concerned, in that unlikely event, of all the human feces flooding the streets, rather than animal blood..." Me too, for sure!

Of course you're correct about that much flooding putting a stop to such things as animal auctions as well! Just trying to illustrate that people's fears regarding blood in the streets, storm drains and thereby, the rivers and other waterways are unfounded.

Small site. Curious if it intends to be a halal slaughterhouse. That would be even more horrible.
Frankly, I am very disturbed by any kind of slaughterhouse nearby.

It will bring our home values down.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 15th

"Small site. Curious if it intends to be a halal slaughterhouse. That would be even more horrible"

Why Bunny? Because it would be a small operation, or because it's "Halal"?

"Frankly, I am very disturbed by any kind of slaughterhouse nearby." - now that, I understand, but I don't see why you'd mention a Halal one. If it isn't "done correctly", yes, it could be an issue, especially with a small operation. Both Halal and Kosher slaughter, while seemingly barbaric due to the throat cutting involved can be a humane way to do it, at least according to Dr. Temple Grandin, who has been the one to push for a cleanup and overhaul of the way things have been done before in order to be more humane in the way we treat the animals that are going to end up on our plate.

Right. I am opposed to any slaughterhouse in Hackettstown.

Stunning an animal before being slaughtered is more humane.

Slitting the jugular and cutting through the windpipe of a fully conscious animal so it bleeds out is horribly cruel.

At least that's how I feel.


Some do stun the animal before slitting its throat, but as the article states, done correctly with a sharp knife, the animal is unaware of the cutting and it losses consciousness within about 2 seconds. It's actually a relatively humane way of doing it. It's not like wringing a chicken's neck.

Bunny, are you opposed to kosher slaughter, too, or just halal? They are essentially the same, you know.

LibertarianismRules LibertarianismRules
August 16th

My Mother always said that the only thing wasted when they butchered a pig was the curl of its tail. At any garden retailer we can find bags of bone and blood meal which comes from slaughtering animals. I am sure that the proposed facility will be modern and any waste managed. Our hospital flushes all of their blood down the drain and being a former employee I can tell you that it is quite a lot. If we are to continue to be a meat eating nation then we must understand where that meat comes from. It is not all happy meals and smiling clowns.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
August 16th

Such ignorance is a surprise, I would have thought folks would have done at least some minimal research before some of the comment made.

When are you going to protest the supermarkets for purchasing slaughtered food ??

According to this document, no slaughterhouse operations are allowed in our district (Page 400-19, #13.) This is something we need to strongly push back against and unless this document has been changed since its latest revision in 2007, they are not allowed to do this horrible act

Michael R Michael R
August 16th

It would be extremely short sighted to do this if the rational is to create around 10 jobs, not worth all the other negative effects

Michael R Michael R
August 16th

So when is the town meeting on this subject matter?

Question for all the people against this. Are you all vegetarians or is it ok to eat meat as long as it’s not killed in my backyard?

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
August 16th

Thats kinda like telling the people who opposed the quickchek gas station on mountain ave...they could only oppose it if you rode mass transit or ride a bike or take an electric car to work..because they used gas...kinda of a silly argument

According to what Michael R, posted; they will need a variance so you should have a chance to stop. Bring facts, not emotions.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 16th

A post from a few days ago:

The Auction House is looking to turn one of their buildings into an animal processing facility. Animal processing facility is not a permitted us in the Town's LM district so they are seeking a use variance. Their application was deemed incomplete at the July meeting and have asked to postpone until the Sept meeting to come back and have their application deemed complete. Once it is deemed complete they will have public meetings. I, as always, encourage anyone from the public that has concerns regarding an application to attend the LUB meetings to voice those concerns.

Not sure if our Sept meeting will be in person or via zoom or a combination yet.
Jim L.

So close to the college, train station, residential Grand Avenue. Our home values will plummet. Imagine sitting at the brewery with the stench of death wafting in the air. How awful.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 17th

Bug - it was half sarcasm. But the reality is myself included are a society of “not in my backyard people”

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
August 17th

Why wouldn’t a sane person be NIMBY about this? How about WIFM? Absolutely nothing. A few jobs, probably not even much of a ratable.

While I have no issue, I can easily understand those that do and find NIMBY to be completely acceptable in this case. This is truly just a slaughterhouse; we don’t even get a meat market. They have been getting along without one for decades.

Not sure I can see a compelling reason for a variance and plenty of reasons, like the ones Hackettstown used to write the zoning statute against slaughterhouses, to stick to the ordinance, as written. Beyond the unsavory PR aspects, there will always be the possibility of smells, effluents, animal maltreatments, etc. Not saying it will happen, just saying why take the risk given the reward. Follow the statute. No variance.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 17th

Chances are that Hackettstown didn't write an ordinance strictly prohibiting slaughterhouses (although they may have), but zoning district ordinances list uses that are expressly permitted and sometimes allow specific "conditional uses" that must meet certain enhanced standards that permitted uses don't need to meet.

Any other proposed uses within that district require a d(1) use variance in accordance with the Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL).

actually ianimal we did:

13. Livestock Auctions, provided that no slaughterhouse operations are included
and provided that animals are not kept on site for in excess of seven (7) days.

Well, then it will definitely be that much more difficult to get them to convince 5 out of 7 Board members to vote in favor of it...

It should be Iman, it should be. Given the town ordinance specifically links slaughter/auction activities together, it really looks like the town fathers who wrote this clause were thinking of this exact site. I am guessing this is not the first time this subject has been brought to the town. I am sure the town fathers had a good reason to specify this in the manner that they did when they did it. While a number of NJ towns n town ships restrict slaughterhouses in commercial or even agricultural areas, at first glance, this does not seem to be boilerplate. And it is linked specifically to auction house activities.

Since this seems written with one site in mind, at minimum, today's town fathers should be able to explain why they would ever go against a precedent that seems to be specifically written to the auction house.

strangerdanger strangerdanger
August 17th

The Town's Land Development Ordinance was adopted by the town on 8/9/1999 and has been udated/modified since. However its not like it was written by the town's "fathers" 150 years ago. Clearly in 1999 this particular site was the reason for this specific language.

However.....I used the term, town father, correctly. Both times. Also earlier I noted decades, not centuries. I believe you are thinking founding father, which, in our case, probably included a number of Slaughterers.

But hey, thanks and think we agree, looks special and specified to this site.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 17th

I don't believe Hackettstown Life website existed until 2007.

my point is we don't need to speculate with "it really looks like the town fathers who wrote this clause were thinking of this exact site.:"

they clearly wrote it into the 1999 LDO with this specific site in mind. no need to speculate or guess.

Great point! Sure makes a variance seem difficult unless something major had changed.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 17th

Oh duh- I was thinking website not the Auction site. Short trip I'm back.... LOL

Blood in the streets and death stench in the air are reality, not “overly dramatic”. There are small killing operations in Trenton and Newark; go spend one morning outside and you will see and smell reality. These are not Big Ag facilities. If you want recent photos instead, message me.

Ahimsa269 Ahimsa269
August 18th

I take it we can expect you at the meeting then? With pictures?

strangerdanger strangerdanger
August 18th

Trenton and Newark, probably not coincidentally, are two of the 21 municipalities around the State that have "combined sewer systems", which means that their sanitary sewage and storm drains are connected and all flow to their respective wastewater treatment plants.

What is permitted there has no bearing on how an operation will be required to behave in Hackettstown, which has a municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) and a discrete sanitary sewer system operated by HMUA.


It's obvious from the name you picked that you don't eat meat and are deeply committed to the precept of "causing no harm". However, this is a personal choice and in no way gives you permission to attempt to force your belief and choices on other people. Modern abattoirs are not anything like what you read about in high school when they made you read Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle".

Before you make inflammatory statements like "blood running down the streets" and "death stench in the air", you should dismiss your preconceptions and actually visit a modern facility.

Well, there is this

Drone plane spots a river of blood flowing from the back of a Dallas meat packing plant.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
August 19th

Call it what it is, not some fancy French name. It’s a slaughterhouse. Educate yourself. Read about Dallas Crown Slaughterhouse. Have you been to a modern slaughterhouse? Let’s’ hear your facts.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 19th

Whoever is not in favor of this should contact EACH LUB member and voice your concerns and also attend the meeting.


I'm a farm boy, I have no misconceptions or delusions about where my food comes from. Never allow yourself to believe that heat comes from the furnace and breakfast from the refrigerator.

And yes, I've been to a modern slaughterhouse, even worked in one 40 years ago. It's not glamorous, it's hard work, it's messy, but its also necessary to feed the country. I'm sorry it doesn't fit into your protected little world, but it's reality.

We just moved to Hackettstown and absolutely love the area, we can walk around, people are so nice and we'd love to start a family here. However, having just heard that a slaughterhouse is being proposed is absurd. Take into consideration two things: the smell (noise as well) and the towns population.

If you can smell the chocolate being made from M&M's , what do you think the smell will be like if this slaughterhouse happens?

Hackettstown would start to dwindle down into a ghost town. People will move out and then that will affect all these stores/cafes/restaurants in this area. It's bad enough COVID has affected many businesses but to add this, there will be nothing. Not to mention this beautiful college that is here- you think students will even consider going to this school after finding out there's a slaughterhouse? My guess would be no.

I understand people need to eat in this country, and some people are mentioning modern slaughterhouses, clearly they have not seen this building. It's already falling apart, and i'll tell you what, definitely not "modern", not to mention it's a HUGE eye sore. No matter how you look at it, a slaughterhouse is a slaughterhouse, modern or not.

This is a small beautiful town, lets keep it that way. People want to breath fresh air and walk around and eat outside and not have to smell dead animals.

Keep Hackettstown the way it is, why fix something that isn't broken?

Eva, have you emailed the LUB members and are you planning on attending the meeting?

I agree. Given the law, given the precedent, I would think if you bring facts to the table, leave the emotions at home, citizens should be able to prevail on this one. It’s not like these guys will have WaWa, CVS, or QuickChek lawyers......

While it doesn’t bother me, nimby, there’s a stigma to this endeavor and having our town gem of Centenary in close proximity should give them pause to consider.

But citizens have to attend the meeting.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 19th

If said slaughterhouse had an attached retail butcher open to public for purchase of fresh meat would the opinion change?

CraftBeerBob CraftBeerBob
August 20th

Re: Proposed Abattoir at Stiger Livestock Auction

Let's make one thing very clear and there is science and data to back this up:

Meat and dairy are NOT necessary to feed our people. Meat and dairy from a health/nutritional perspective is not nutritionally necessary and in consumption of is strongly linked to a multitude of health issues: prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The AMA has just released a press statement to the USDA Food and Nutrition Services, Center for Nutrition and Food Policy stating that meat and dairy should be OPTIONAL on the proposed 2020-2025 USDA nutrition guidelines. They state meat and dairy are NOT nutritionally necessary and are strongly linked to cancers, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

So the statements made by some people on this forum that we need to feed our people with meat and dairy is grossly misinformed. Our health, our planet and many lives would be saved if people would practice eating a plant based diet. Science does not lie.

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 20th

I'll give up my steaks when you pry my cold dead fingers off my fork.

Perhaps your best defense in all of this would be to stop using references to a Horse Slaughter Facility that closed in 2007 (13 years ago) and start getting more up to date facts and data.

Dallas Crown, while having a multitude of violations against them, was ultimately forced to close because the USDA Inspection funding was pulled for human consumption of equines. Consumption of horse meat, is not illegal in the US, there is currently a ban on it, a bill that has been introduced several times is currently in front of Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Commission.

Dallas Crown is not a similar type facility in any way, shape or form and is just a bad example to use.

If this were my fight, I would start by filing a FOIA/OPRA request with the USDA for all compliance records including plant sanitation records, and animal mishandling records for all plants in New Jersey, when doing your research be sure to include Poultry facilities as well as Meat these fall under two different inspections.

I would be most interested in plants that operate in residential areas, and would file FOIA/OPRA request with the towns and counties to see if any complaints have been filed there.

Go talk to neighbors of similar facilities in towns, get their opinions on what problems they have or haven't had.

SD is 100% right, take your emotions out of it. Get your neighbors on board, get the FACTS together that you need, present a strong unified front at the LUB meeting.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
August 20th

Please keep in mind the animals that are sold at the auction house will still be slaughtered for their meat. This is just a debate on whether the town residents want that slughter to take place here in town or elsewhere. Debating the need to slaughter/ eat meat should not really be the focus of the LUB meeting.

You bring up a good point Jim. For decades, this company has opted to send animals elsewhere for slaughter. Why now, why the change, wifm? Additionally, the town has specifically written a law for this specific site for bidding animal slaughter. Why issue a variance for such a unique, specific, targeted ordinance?

Citizens should bring up potential negatives to such an operation including just the bad vibe such a business has. Especially next to our town gem of Centenary. A bad smell could ruin them in a semester. I also think bringing up the ill health aspects of red meat, combined with the declining American market is not out of bounds. Like investing in a cigarette factory, not exactly a growth industry, even if still large. And where might it lead; cows today, poultry tomorrow? Perhaps not a great toe to stick in the water since in for a peck, in for a pound.

Sure, keep the emotions out of it. But should be no issue stating AMA and CDC medical and scientific facts re red meat. The fact that I like a good steak does not mean the steak is good for me. Legal yes. But the slaughter house is not legal under our law and there is no compelling reason to change a law they have lived with for decades.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 20th

For anyone interested in signing a petition that was started by a Hackettstown resident here you go...

In other news--
"Slaughter Free Hackettstown" is a chapter in the making, that is organizing to fight this slaughterhouse from opening. We know the auction house is losing money and needs another way to stay operating. Our goal is to knock out the slaughterhouse proposal ,then the auction house should just fall to the wayside.

Eating animals is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Plant based farming and eating is here and is the future.

There will petition released shortly by our chapter. Going vegan will save lives, save the planet.

For more information on what Slaughter Free Cities are about, check out

This will be coming to Hackettstown very soon. We are working with the lead organizer of the organization and have contact with their attorney. We are prepared and ready to fight this to the end. Strap yourselves in Hackettstown, get ready for a ride.

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 21st

How much money did they lose and how do you know? Always seems well attended. Not exactly a fact in your favor fyi...

Where can we find those videos, sounds compelling.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 21st

Spetri01 -

What a noble cause - knocking out a local business and good neighbor that's been here for decades just because you personally don't approve of meat. What next - Chase out McDonald's, Churrascaria Rodizio, All the deli's (Piggy's name is offensive!)?

That's an industrial section of town buffered on all sides by the Railroad, Open Space and other businesses. Diversifying their operation is a smart move.

No one is going to allow an operation unless it can be proven to be properly run and maintained. Look at the hoops Mars had to jump through just to build a trailer parking lot.

This town needs to do more to help businesses, and if they present a reasonable request, it should be considered.

Barnacle Bill
August 21st

BBill; now, now, diversity of thought is what makes America great. Plus, it is a variance. The law, as written, says NO.

Hoewever, from a one time poster, starting a petition where anyone from anywhere can sign up from anywhere is probably not going to mean much. The scare info without sources is not to persuasive either. Will wait until you provide that.

Probably need Htown names and addresses to be meaningful.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 21st

Actually, the media need to be contacted as well.

pampurr1 pampurr1
August 21st

Slaughter Free Hackettstown will be peacefully assembling tomorrow 1115am at Stiger and Main Streets. Anyone in opposition to the slaughterhouse is welcome to come and join us. There will be two media outlets coming to report our demonstration they will interview and report on this issue.
***Residents of Hackettstown****, this is an opportunity for you to have your voices heard against the proposed slaughterhouse in your town.

Sergeat Tynan of Hackettstown PD is aware and we are all good to go.

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 24th

Spetri01 -- can you add this to the Hackettstown Life Calendar.

happiest girl
August 24th

Isn't it very convenient that the peaceful assembly (just call it a protest) is happening on a Tuesday at 11:15 in the morning when most of the people that would like to support new businesses actually have to go to work. I can not afford to just sit home and protest every little thing that makes me upset. God forbid that we add something to our town that one or two people don't agree with and they have the time to sit outside and protest while the rest of us go to work.

I am sorry that these sort of things bother you but you might want to take a good hard look at where your food will come from when you chase out all the farmers. It will be made in a lab somewhere and good luck putting all those chemicals into your body.

I'm sure all of the farmers and such attending the weekly Tuesday auction will appreciate the protest. I assume that's why it was set up for that time. I agree most folks will be hard at work at that hour.

Farmers deserve our respect. It would be good for the peaceful assemblers to realize that many of the farmer's who attend the livestock market on Tuesday have not requested this change. They simply need somewhere nearby to sell animals they don't need. Otherwise they need to pay for or invest gas and time to truck the animals to a market in PA.

Some may even be there to buy or sell eggs or hay, not meat animals.

Farmers who sell livestock realize the animals will probably be slaughtered but as the sellers, they don't have input as to where this will happen.

hktownie hktownie
August 24th

"Eating animals is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Plant based farming and eating is here and is the future."

If you could stop assuming you speak for everyone and not protest on my behalf, that'd be great.

You don't want to eat meat? Great! That's your choice and you are free to make it.

As for my choice, I like my steaks rare.

The_Bishop The_Bishop
August 24th

I agree htownie.

I maintain it's not clear to me how a protest can be organized opposing something if the entire scope of the proposal has not been discussed and circulated among the protesters and other people. It appears as if someone heard the word slaughter house and that was it. Without the actual facts it seems a bit premature to shoot from the hip based entirely on an emotional response or simply because one may be a vegetarian.

Even though I attended the Zoom LUB meeting when it was discussed, I am not entirely sure what the proposal consists of. I have not gone to the municipal building to view the plans. I'm not sure it is open yet to do so. Therefore I can't make an informed decision on the pros and cons of the proposal until all the facts are ascertained. No one can.,

The FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of The United States) says slaughterhouses should not be in residential areas.
It's really a no brainer.

happiest girl
August 24th

This has nothing to do with whether you eat meat or not. It has to do with the health concerns of those of us who are in close proximity to the Livestock Auction. For the past 25 years I have lived in close proximity to this nightmare of a filthy smelly mess. They can barely take care of what they have there and they are talking about taking on a slaughterhouse! Let’s not forget to mention their neglect in the amount of animals that constantly escape. On a good summertime Tuesday it’s hard to sit on my deck and listen to the farmers beat those animals smell the manure!!!! I’m sure if this was approved they would use the most hygienic methods of disposing of the blood, guts and remains. Call it not in my backyard but there are better more rural areas to build a slaughterhouse. Oh yes, I do love meat, pork , and other meats. Hackettstown has fought hard in the past years to have a great image, the breweries, restaurants and a beautiful College. Please don’t let this happen to our town.

"The FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization of The United States)"

That is NOT what the "FAO" is. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger.

It is NOT affiliated with any portion of the United states government. The United States is simply a member of the organization. It's suggested guidelines do not apply as law in this country.

"It's suggested guidelines do not apply as law in this country"

Law or not, the FAO is an exemplary agency that coordinates the efforts of governments in various programs.

On the other hand, lets talk about the Livestock Co-op.

The Livestock Co-op Auction is asking for a VARIANCE to run a slaughterhouse -- even thought it is NOT an allowed usage and they already do NOT meet the requirements.
They are also asking for a waiver to allow them NOT to provide an Environmental Impact Statement, a Highlands Consistency Determination, and to NOT release any information on the number of shifts to be worked, the maximum number of employees, and the hours of operation!!

This begs the question, WHY???

In addition, this application was quietly submitted without proper notification.
The classification of the facility would be a WET MARKET.
Property values will go down without a doubt.

Additionally, this property is already part of the WETLANDS and will require permission from the NJDEP.

So, I respect and put my trust in the FAO, not the cagey and elusive Livestock Co-op Auction.

happiest girl
August 24th

"For the past 25 years I have lived in close proximity to this nightmare of a filthy smelly mess."
The Market was started in 1941. Why did you buy near this "smelly" mess? Kinda like buying a house at the end of a runway, then complaining about airplanes or buying a house next to train tracks and complaining about trains. I for one would rather see animals processed here in the US rather than ship them to China for processing. By the way, not much is left after they process the animals. Blood goes for Organic plant food as does the bones for Bone Meal used for crops, flowers and such. Hides for leather, Car seats, the other leather items.

That said, I will find out what they want to do first, then make my decision.

I also received a thing about a petition from, I will NEVER sign anything they are associated with no matter how "good" it sounds. They will hound you for Money/Donations and try to tell you who to vote for. It took me a year and a half to get them off my back and out of my computer

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
August 25th

Sure, times change and laws need to be adjusted. However, a variance should be a very rare thing. A slaughterhouse in the middle of a quaint, residential town doesn't seem like the time to approve a variance. There are plenty of farms on the way out of town that might like to host the business if there is that much demand.

Apparently, if a farmer buys livestock for beef, these are the places they're currently given to take the animals (or have them taken) for slaughter (as per link on their website).:

I understand how they'd like to expand their services to be able to offer same site operations to make it easier for the people buying, but also realize that the Town Council must have had reasons behind their limitations on hosting this kind of operation on the site, insofar as how to make sure things didn't get "out of hand" so to speak and "process" animals not sold here, etc.

Hey Mr 4paws you missed my point. 25+ years I’ve lived in my home the Livestock auction has been a lousy neighbor with just sales of animals. Now they want to be a slaughterhouse/wet market. How do you think that’s going to go? Anyway, where do you live? I don’t need anymore information as this is what the Livestock Auction Market is requesting from the town.

Since 1941, the livestock auction has existed without onsite slaughter.

There is a law written specifically to that site against on site slaughter.

If HG is right, there is a lot that is very disconcerting about the requested variance, even in the best light.

There are no residential advantages to this, only disadvantage.

The town has specifically written ordinance basically saying there is no commercial value of this to the town.

Even though I love meat, there is no wifm for me here, and I can understand how the closer you are, the worse this gets including the possible devaluing of real estate and even businesses like the university.

Beyond the emotional issues, I see every argument against the variance as valid and very little compelling counter-reasons for a variance. The business has run since 1941 without it; if struggling now, let it find another way to prosper. We have lots of prosperous agro businesses without slaughter. There are successful models everywhere.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 25th

Isn't there enough open land in Great Meadows, Mansfield, Allamuchy, Independence to put a slaughter house there instead of the middle of town? Just seems silly putting a slaughter house front and center.

englishe30 englishe30
August 25th


Again, you bought that house knowing the Auction was there, so caveat emptor prevails.

A quick check of Google earth shows no homes within 300 ft of that building, and only 2 within 350ft, separated by the railroad, parking lot and trees. Where do you live?

Let them present their proposal before breaking out the torches and pitchforks.

Barnacle Bill
August 25th

If I was running a business like Centenary College, the train station, anything on Stiger, I would be breaking out the nimby wands.

Would have to be lined in gold cause there ain’t no beautification justifications here.

And what possibly beyond gold could the town be getting for giving a variance? Not even a WAWA, chocolates, CVS or Qickchek even. Just blood n guts waiting for a spill.....or wet market worse.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 25th

BB I guess you told me! LOL. Not. All you need to know is I’m close enough to hear it all on Tuesdays, smell it and ride by and see it. I can deal with the mess that exists there now but not the thought of a
Slaughterhouse/ Wet Market! Just as you a right to your opinion so do I. Where do you live?

Close enough to hear the train idling at the station.

Barnacle Bill
August 25th

BB: As much as it’s the auction house’s right to ask for a variance; it is ANY Hackettstown citizen’s right to voice opinion against it. Facts are better, but opinion and citizenship is sufficient.

It’s on the Auction House to prove it’s case, not the LUB to bend-over and take it. And it better give more than it takes at minimum.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 25th

Well BB I’m sure then that you will be close enough to hear the horror that will emanate from there should this go in. Add that to the idling train!

Vegetarian Democrats peacefully protesting at corner of Main and Stiger Street.

Signs were not against quality of life issues for neighbors, but rather diet and lifestyle beliefs. Weakens the argument against.

Barnacle Bill -- you are wrong. There are homes within 200 ft.

happiest girl
August 25th

happiest girl, you're without a clue.

Take a look on google maps, use the handy-dandy measurement tool. From the closest point of the auction buildings, it's 300' to the near house.

Is the proposal for livestock slaughter or restricted to poultry?

Happiest Girl ~ right on! ;-)

Melissa A Nolan Melissa A Nolan
August 25th

here are the 200ft notification lists for the Auction House side as well as the animal processing plant side. While not many, there are some residential units in the 200ft radius that should be noticed. This list is more accurate than using Google maps.

Bemused - you are the one without a clue.

There are homes on W. Valley View that are within 200 feet.

NJ notification site gives exact addresses and names of owners.

happiest girl
August 25th


I’m close enough to hear the sheep today.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
August 25th

Timmy. Your comment is inaccurate. Whereas there were signs reflecting the lifestyle and moral beliefs of some of the protesters, there were plenty of signs that reflected regard for the quality of life of the citizens. A number of signs were just our group logo and a few of images of slaughtered cattle.

Spetri01 Spetri01
August 25th

Bemused, the 200 feet isn't measured from building to building, but from property line to property line.

Town is finally shaping up thanks to the breweries and fantastic restaurants especially James On Main. This is just ridiculous to put it in this location. I’m a meat lover, but it doesn’t belong in this location.

This is something that should not be right in the middle of town, in my opinion. There's plenty of property surrounding town. Also, this is not a plus for property values, which are going up up up, finally.

I dunno... all the hipsters with money to burn love "farm to table"... this is the necessary intermediate step, unless they want to kill their own.

All those who promote the concept of "sustainable communities" should understand that localized meat processing is an essential piece of that puzzle. The same people who decry "factory farming" are the first to jump on the NIMBY bandwagon if that desired "local" "family-farm" "free-range" "grass-fed" "organic" food is processed within 100 miles of them...

And there's an active train station acting as a buffer between this property and any residential property... it can hardly be described as being in a residential area. its in a non-residential zoning district and does not directly abut any residential district.

I dont have a dog in this fight and I'm sure that a meat processing operation would be just as warmly received anywhere else. Hypocrisy isn't unique to Hackettstown Life...

I have lived here since 1955. I’ve seen many changes in the town of Hackettstown. I have been reading your remarks on the Stiger Street auction market request.

It was wisely said that we should all do her homework and find out all the information about the proposed slaughterhouse at the market has applied for through the proper channels. Many of us have none professional comments.

I feel all the information of the size of the building contents and how the process is going to take place from A-to-Z should be known before we make comments or protest .

Let’s all get our facts together and then voice our opinions. I’m sure everyone will be listening.

OnTheEdge OnTheEdge
August 26th

To offer local meat but they will not sell meat?

Covid 19 is the cause?

I smell a fish.....thought they were processing, not selling?

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 26th


What normally happens is that you (maybe not you personally, but I think you get what I mean) and a buddy get together and bid on a steer, based on current prices with the idea of splitting the costs in half. Once you win the bid, you then contract a hauler to take it to a slaughterhouse who then takes care of (hopefully) humanely dispatching the animal and cutting it up into two sides worth of meat cuts, all wrapped in butcher paper and labelled. You put your half in a chest-type freezer, thus assuring you have a nice supply of beef for quite a while to come.

My Dad went in on a side of beef with a buddy way back in the 70's. If you can afford the money up front, then it works out well in the long run. What the Livestock Auction is hoping to do (from their statement) is to make it so you don't have to contract out a hauler to take it to slaughter, nor then have to go to pick it up once it's all in nice little packages. What you buy there, you can have processed there, then take it home, though obviously not immediately.

I just passed by there this afternoon, as I do once or more per week. My family's business was in the back of the building that's right next door to the auction. Yes, the one between the Police Station and the Auction and in the several years we were there it was never anything but a good neighbor. The only day there was any noticeable smell was on Auction Day and I've smelled much worse passing by the farm in Port Colden by the old Canal Bed. The odor from the HMUA facility is often much worse. The buildings don't look decaying and rotting away either and I just had an eye exam yesterday (yes, literally yesterday) so I don't see it as a huge eyesore either.

I don't know if the farmers still bring local honey and other products to sell from their trucks or tents by the street as I used to see. I work on the other side of town and can't get over there. Before, I would stroll over at lunchtime and my Dad used to buy eggs from there. I see that one of the comments on that article is by someone who states that they live right on Valentine and actually love the auction house. Obviously, it's all from each person's individual perspective.

Do I think it should be an allowed usage (small volume slaughterhouse only for processing animals sold on premises)? I'm still up in the air about it. I'd possibly be ok with it if there were strict conditions in place to make sure that it doesn't turn into a morass of continually having small extras push the boundaries until it grows into a major operation. If that couldn't be assured, then definitely a no go for me.

First to Iman; your logic may be faulty to call out hypocrisy just because you like the product, not the production process. You use oil; are you a hypocrite for not asking Exxon to open up down the street? Of course not.

Second, Phil; thanks. Bought my first half, grass fed, in the 70’s. Did deer for decades. But still would not want it processed in my neighborhood.

If I understand, in the time of covid, farmers are asking to avoid risk by driving to one more location. So they’re making demands for a variance for this facility to be one stop shopping taking additional risk out of the process. Thus covid 19 and local meat needed as I think the proposal states. For those against this variance, look that up and pay real heed to the public health aspect of this argument. It’s not about money, it’s about risk to public health. Puts the unsavory aspects and even the current law under a new covid 19 light.

Therefore, it could diminish the nimby aspects of the variance as well as previous law, written before covid. You will need a cogent argument here.

Also note that proper processes and technologies can mitigate almost every fear IF deployed and IF used correctly. Smells, effluents, waste, all can be dealt with, technically. Protesters will need to focus on mistakes and errors to prove that mistakes and tragedies will be a when and not an if.

Good luck all

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
August 26th

Happiest girl, what required notification was not made properly?

musicgal musicgal
August 26th

Their application has not been deemed complete yet so they have not had a public meeting yet and therefore haven’t had to notice yet. Anyone saying they did not properly notice are wrong. There is no notice requirements until there is a completed application.

If they get the missing items on their application in time to notice for the Sept meeting then they will notice and have the public meeting in Sept. if they don’t get in time then they will notice for the October meeting

I would suggest people attend meeting to learn facts rather than relying on online petitions which may contain misleading and misinformation.

for example:
"and to NOT release any information on the number of shifts to be worked, the maximum number of employees, and the hours of operation!!"

this was a WC request which means Waiver for Completeness only (information to be provided at later date) as clearly stated on their application. This is not an uncommom waiver request as that information is going to be part of their testimony at the public meeting. For example, I believe WaWa made the same waiver request and all this information was presented as part fo their public testimony.

Also it is not uncommon for an application to be incomplete and ask for waivers, it is then up to the LUB, with the help of their engineer's opinion, to grant or deny all/some of their waiver requests. Which is what happened here. Not all their waiver requests were granted and they are now getting that information and is why they were not ready for the August meeting and asked for it to be pushed back to the Sept meeting.

"In addition, this application was quietly submitted without proper notification."
All applications are submitted the same way and do not need to notice until their application is deemed complete and ready for a public meeting. Which this application is not complete yet and therefore has not needed to notice yet.

The LUB takes pride in making sure every application is handled the same way and follows the proper procedures. I understand that for some that don't follow LUB meetings they may not understand the process and that is why i have always encouraged the public to attend meetings so they see how things are run.

I'm glad you cleared up some of the misinformation that is being posted and used by folks who are opposed to the proposal, Jim.

I see in the link above that WRNJ ran a blip about this subject the other day. Many inaccurate statements were quoted unfortunately.

As an aside, the group Slaughter Free Hackettstown is simply a local cause of the larger group Slaughter Free Cities. Their mission is to eradicate all animal agriculture leaving a plant based food chain.That is totally fine- folks can protest the color of the moon if they like. It really has little to do with any local economics, or property values,etc. I feel it should be noted that even if this was proposed on a 500 acre desolate parcel of land in the middle of nowhere it would be opposed by that group. With that said I am sure some residents of this town- not nameless, faceless folks on some online petition, do have some thoughts and valid questions and concerns related to the proposal. As a town resident I am one of those folks with questions. As Jim stated attend the LUB meetings!

This is the mission of the Slaughter Free folks:
"Slaughter Free Cities is a movement that seeks to end the destructive role animal agriculture plays in society. Meat is a leading cause of human disease, climate change and animal suffering. Right now in NYC, Slaughter Free Cities and the Animal Save Movement are coming together with local New York organizers as a unity effort to help Slaughter Free Cities generate widespread impact throughout 2020 and beyond. The Save Movement is based on the moral imperative of bearing witness to suffering and not turning away. Currently, the Save Movement has more than 600 vigils at slaughterhouses around the world. The goal is a vigil at every slaughterhouse on the planet."

I will add I am not opposed to the group at all. I am sure in some situations their efforts accomplish great things.

unfortunately Greg there is a lot of misinformation flying around from both those for it and those against it. I am glad it is on the public's radar as the public should be aware of whats going on in their town. That being said, in order to get accurate information, it is always best to attend the meetings.

ghe auction itself is a horror to watch. animals being sold and made to walk arond a ring where they are very uncomfrotable. and forced to keep walking. the abuse of it is disgusting. no slaughterhouse shoudl be lbuilt inside a city. i am against all slaughterhouses and vbelieve people will be far healthier with a plant based diet which is what mankind was made for. all heart physicians say to move to a plant based diet. dairy and meat are not good for you. look at he bad conditions so many americans are in so that they are dying of the virus. 2 plus morbidies. where do you think that comes from, incidentally 67% of piglets have c diff. plus they have many many other diseases as well. so think about what you are eating. it is not as safe as the corupt govt tells you it is

I guess the 0ther 33% of the pigs made their houses out of bricks.
My wife eats pickled pigs feet, at least twice a month. She never got sick. Yet!
Remember, it helps if one builds up a natural immunity by eating a little bit of disease
once in a while.

Embryodad Embryodad
3 weeks ago

Jean, I'm just curious, what version of tin foil hat is your favorite? The beanie, the fedora or maybe the classic bowler?

I am guessing that Jean does not like the Sussex county fair either.

I do sympathize with these animals. I just hate being paraded out in front of my office workers or customers and made to perform. So demeaning ;-).

EDad; yech. Just yech.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
3 weeks ago

Please note the Auction House is NOT on the agenda for the Sept 22 Land Use Board Meeting.

Have they abandoned this inappropriate venture?

Melissa A Nolan Melissa A Nolan
2 weeks ago

I don’t see what the beef is; there’s a lot at steak here, why can’t they meat in the middle, why does everyone want to roast them.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

LMAO! SD- You made me laugh out loud with that one!

Melissa All I know is they did not submit the required documents in time to get on the Sept meeting.

So, I'll preface this with saying that I'm not familiar with the legal intricacies of this particular situation - when it comes to LUB meeting rules and whatnot it's beyond me.

But I am not from Hackettstown, I just live here now. I grew up in a city in the midwest that's a major producer of processed beef, lamb, goat, and cheese. I lived a few blocks from an abattoir most of my life.

There's something... I dunno... heavy about it? Waiting at the schoolbus stop hearing the sheep and goats bleating down the road, the cows mooing as you walk home from the store, etc.

I'm not a big believer in "vibes" or anything but I have to say, growing up hearing the sounds of impending death in the moos and baahs and squeals - I didn't like it one bit.

Obviously this would be a much smaller scale, not trains running hourly or anything, but still, it's a consideration given that it's right in town and not out in the sticks somewhere else along the line.

kingcoriander kingcoriander
2 weeks ago

Gives PETA more time.

pampurr1 pampurr1
2 weeks ago

Can you explain a bit more pampurr1? What do you think PETA will do? This type of action happens all over the US, no?

PETA is a joke. They are a morally incoherent organization. I can supply scores of articles and links exposing that group for what they are. A fraud.

They are about as credible as getting your news and facts from social media.

And the meat packing slaughterhouse industry tiptoes through the tulips. Can you say The Jungle? That ain’t no joke.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

I agree with you Greg, Years ago PETA was caught putting out poison Baits to kill Hunters dogs. If a dog will eat the bait, what else will??
Years ago PETA showed up at the hunt in the Great Swamp, while this woman was lecturing my friend who was a hunter and how terrible it is to kill animals, he shut her down with, "are those Leather seats in your car?" PETA will accost people and do physical harm to people and their dogs if the can. They have been labeled a terroristic organization because of their tactics. They will trespass, and are not beneath destroying others property.

Mr 4paws Mr 4paws
2 weeks ago


Thankfully, due to the input of modern science and people like Dr. Temple Grandin, the industry is much improved over what it used to be, at least here in the USA. She and her team have spearheaded the move to the humanist methods possible for that part of the food chain, as well as methods of auditing same:

Thanks Phil, think I said the same before and have read. But if meat producers were angels, the CA chicken plant and others wouldn’t be closed for the deaths and infections occurring there. The TX debacle noted above couldn’t have happened.

So, as I said before, it’s possible to do and not have smells or blood in the street, but at the same time, it’s not if a problem will occur, it’s when and how bad.

While PETA or it’s followers have done awful things, I don’t think they are on the FBI terrorist list. And as long as they ate law abiding here, they have the same rights as us.

Bottom line has not changed; it can be done right, they seem to be claiming public safety and C19 as a reason NOT to do it off prem and there is a specific law written to that business that makes slaughter on those premises illegal. So, even if it can be done right, that’s one heck of a variance, yet C19 is one heck of a public risk. That’s a new twist for those lobbying against a variance that normally should be impossible to get.

Really think the PETA part is a red herring in all of that.

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
2 weeks ago

Greg, they have mucho $$$$$$ and many advocates just sayin. You want to bring that attention to Hackettstown? How foolish are you?

pampurr1 pampurr1
2 weeks ago

You are right about PETA having money and advocates which makes me believe a small operation like this won't really be on their radar......just saying.

I don't know where I stand on this and would have to learn more but I only work in Hackettstown so I really don't have a say. I just don't think PETA will put much, if any, effort into this. Those against it shouldn't count on their help.

Remains to be seen.

pampurr123 pampurr123
2 weeks ago

I ask everyone to watch the film ‘Earthlings’ available on YouTube, to learn more about slaughterhouses.

Thank you Jim L for answering my question.

As someone who farmed, and raised beef and pork, I'd like to add my two cents.

Meat and its byproducts are essential and not going away. There are humane and healthy ways to raise and slaughter animals. Most people in the industry strive for this. I appreciate and respect animal rights advocates. I took wonderful care of our animals, and fed my four children well. There are worse things than death. Nursing homes hold many examples.

The issue here is the appropriateness of this activity in a small town, that has been growing due in part to the attractiveness of ethnically diverse dining, breweries and festive events. The Auction Market was established in 1941 to provide fair market value to farmers for their livestock and farm related equipment. Town ordinances were implemented years ago when the last slaughterhouse in town perimeters closed, and I believe to prevent the market from doing exactly this.

Just a thought....the market has a professional kitchen that is utilized only one day a week. Instead of a slaughterhouse, how about collecting, preserving, freezing and processing otherwise wasted local produce to supply food pantries. There is grant money available for such a venture. The board was approached with this idea a couple years ago and rejected it.

Melissa A Nolan Melissa A Nolan
1 week ago

I think there are many types.

- those who like meat
- those that don’t
- those who like pets
- those that don’t

Don’t matter; there’s a very specific law that says no. They are no asking to bend, they are asking to overturn. That’s more than a simple variance.

I agree Melissa; for decades they have handled this in other ways. If they need more revenue, there are many agro-related paths open to them. I have often wanted to stop to buy local agro, but they are so busy with other things on Tuesday, not gonna face that hoard.

They just need to think outside the stable ;-)

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

Melissa A Nolan and Strangerdanger

I third all those comments. Well said.

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

Phil D’s shortest post; right back at ya, big guy. And keep the longish tomes coming, good stuff!

Strangerdanger Strangerdanger
1 week ago

Nope, not the shortest;-)

Phil D. Phil D.
1 week ago

I am not personally opposed to it, but someone I know who lives close to the vicinity that this is proposed asked me how it will affect residential values in the immediate area?

Being that this IS so close to residential, I wasn't really sure how to answer....

Does anyone have factual basis to answer this?


Good question. The Auction House itself is pretty much screened from Valentine by trees on that (Auction House) side of the railroad tracks and you have the parking lot of the train station with another buffer of smaller trees on that side of Valentine. You can check the satellite view on Google maps to verify that, especially from their address with respect to the Auction House.

There's nothing on the other side of Stiger besides businesses until the other side of that block on West Prospect Street and anything over that way has woods in the way too. Charles Street, which goes over the brook and connects with W. Prospect intersects with Stiger on the other side of the building next to the Auction that I used to work in.

All in all, there are almost no houses with a real direct view of the building itself, though perhaps when the leaves are off the trees, but still not too likely. I believe the RR track border is evergreens too. Line of sight, you almost wouldn't know it's there. smells, and more likely sounds, maybe. It could be worse though, as in by the HMUA water treatment plant;-) Obviously a Real Estate professional would be best to answer that one, and even then I'm sure it would depend on whether it becomes the neighborhood nuisance that some people are afraid it would become IF passed.

Phil D. Phil D.
4 days ago

After what the board recently approved with the Bergen tool project I wouldn't be surprised if they allowed plans for a street view peep-show on Main Street at this point...Unfortunate to say, but I don't have much faith in most of them (not all) anymore to be "looking out for the residents" as they are suppose to.

Not so much worried about the line of sight, as it sounds like they are converting a existing building? More concerned with the whole, well that building over there is a..... aspect, much as would a rehab center, etc. You know how people worry about outside influences on the sell ability of their homes.

Personally I wish they would sell direct, would be awesome to have another butcher option then the one I currently use.

Our home values will plummet once people realize there is a slaughter plant in Hackettstown. You can bet on it.

And besides Covid is rampant in these slaughter houses across the country. This is what Hackettstown wants?!

pampurr1 pampurr1
3 days ago

The production facilities were Covid is "rampant" employ HUNDREDS of people, who are working in close proximity to each other. It had nothing to do with the actual product they were producing. Sorry but that is just a bad argument.

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 days ago

As long as the uncaring members of the Planning Board (for whom no qualifications in planning is required) continue to rubber stamp these crazy and detrimental projects in Hackettstown, the quality of life will continue to decline.
I believe they all are appointed by the Mayor.
If and when the Bergen Tool site Is completed (as approved), we are going to experience problems of epic proportions.
Gridlock on Main St (Rte 46) will cause traffic to syphon off to the interior streets as a bypass.
Right by Washington Street School- couldn’t the Board foresee this?
The unit density of this project is insane.
Granting variances should be done judicially, rarely and only when a real hardship is present.
Seems like the current Board is wearing blinders when it comes to the quality of life issues in Hackettstown.

Stymie I take it that you would be interested in volunteering to be on the Land Use Board? 2 seats are up every year but it seems no one new ever volunteers. Glad to hear you are interested. Please send your contact information to to be considered for one of the open LUB positions this Jan. I look forward to seeing you on the LUB next year.

^ *where (early morning typo)

JrzyGirl88 JrzyGirl88
2 days ago

Jim L, so in order to have a complaint about a town decision we all have to serve on various town boards? Then our opinions matter? Come on.

Come on what Kat, When someone calls members of the Board "uncaring" I would assume then they would want to help out since they care so much.

One might say doing nothing but complaining on a dopey online forum rather than getting involved is "uncaring" But I guess for the lazy, complaining on an online forum makes them feel like they put in the effort.

Hello folks, newsflash! Most people in government positions are merely puppets and are either bribed, threatened or blackmailed into doing what a larger entity wants them to do. And it's probably true with this slaughterhouse and the Bergen Tool housing project.

Man, I guess I've been doing this all wrong. no one has ever tried to bribe, threatened, or blackmail me. Too bad, I would enjoy laughing at someone trying to do that.


Puppets? To whom are you referring? I have never heard such nonsense.

pampurr1 pampurr1
1 day ago

Stymie......I believe that you do need minimal qualifications to be on a LUB.....
Land Use for Board Members
In 2005 the New Jersey State Legislature enacted N.J.S.A. 40:55D-23.3 and 23.4, which require that members of municipal planning boards, zoning boards of adjustment, and combined boards successfully complete a basic training course within 18 months of their appointment.

Unfortunately that above comment about "puppets, etc." is an unfair insult to the many citizens who volunteer their time to serve their municipality/government agencies. Being on these boards requires a lot of time invested. In today's busy world, it's a wonder we can find anyone who is willing to do that, especially when they get subjected to these type of insults. There may be one or two "bad apples" occasionally, but the majority are fair & honest people doing their best. As are the employees who work in your towns. You can criticize the elected officials if you are unhappy with how things are being done, but you have the option of voting them out.

Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove
15 hours ago

Thank you Richie.
Just reviewed your land use board requirements as passed by the State.
Absolutely no penalty if a
Member has been found not to have completed the courses.
Lotta “bite” in that legislation.
No way on God’s Green Earth that so many residential units should have been packed on such a small lot in the middle of Hackettstown- fronting on one lane in each direction Rte 46.
Extremely poor planning is a charitable description.
Why the density variance?
What was the hardship?

When your in politics expect the criticism. Looking forward to the slaughter house decision by the LUB. This should be interesting.

pampurr1 pampurr1
14 hours ago

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