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My computer just won't load my mail, compose, read, or send. I seem to get everything else without a problem. Including AOL home page. Is it my computer or a problem with AOL mail.

USAfirst USAfirst
August 3rd

I think for AOL to work properly you have to set your computer's date back to 1995.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
August 3rd

I don't use AOL but found this on the web:

Hope it helps.

theolgamer theolgamer
August 3rd

You might need to re-load.

I think I have a my basement somewhere... :)

AOL is alive and kicking. It's just kind of underground. My husband has it.

For reals For reals
August 3rd

You've got Mail !! not

August 3rd

Hey Josh

Do you have any diskettes?

I have used AOL for email for the last "umpteen" years and never had a problem.

Can you access the AOL MAIL home page at
if, so, click on "inbox", this shouldget you to your mail.
It may also be possible that you got logged out and have to log-in again to AOL MAIL.Right now AOL MAIL is working fine for me.

Another thing you might try - access AOL MAIL using a different browser

fusselfrei fusselfrei
August 3rd

I use my dad's old AOL email account when we share certain fiscal matter..logged on today no problem.

August 3rd

I use the dinosaur too! No complaints, lol

I tried all suggestions. Does anyone think going back to an earlier date would solve problem.
If so could someone give me the directions on how to do that, I am drawing a blank.

USAfirst USAfirst
August 3rd

Well , I finally did restore, and it did not fix my problem. I have used AOL forever, and never had a hitch. As I said, I can access all aspects of AOL, but not my mail. I can get mail on my phone, but some things like saved mail just are not there. Apparently I cannot even contact AOL without paying a service contract.

USAfirst USAfirst
August 3rd

My sister in law had the same problem, she called AOL and they resolved the problem, had something to do with where the SMTP was pointing to the wrong place. Good luck!

"Does anyone think going back to an earlier date would solve problem."

That was a joke because AOL was popular in the mid 90's and is a bit "old school" now.

Mark Mc. Mark Mc.
August 4th

On hold for AOL support right now. Paid service, but 1st month free because they want to make sure I can get their product. Is this a gimmick?
My next question to you all....if I switch out of using AOL, is there a way to move my saved mails, contacts, etc? I don't have a whole bunch since retiring, but my technical abilities are poor to non existent.
You have all been very helpful. Thank You

USAfirst USAfirst
August 4th

You may want to try to open your AOL Mail account on a friend's PC or a public computer i.e. library. This may tell you if it is a PC problem or something gone wrong w with your AOL account

fusselfrei fusselfrei
August 4th

AOL remotely fixed the problem. They said Internet Explorer no longer supports AOL and if there was a stress point, it triggered a block that turned AOL mail off. And it will no longer provide service to it.
SO the fix was to install Microsoft Edge and run AOL mail through it rather than Internet Explorer.
Hope this info saves anyone else agita in solving a similar problem.

USAfirst USAfirst
August 4th

AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo are 20+ year old relics, easily and constantly hacked. Please switch to Gmail.

Ahh yes- Gmail, ... no need for hackers, Google already spys and uses your data.

Yahoo and AOL are now owned by Verizon

"Internet Explorer no longer supports AOL"

Microsoft quit supporting Internet Explorer years ago... I don't know which is funnier, that you are still using aol or that you WERE still using Internet Explorer (-;

Is that you, Dad?

ianimal ianimal
August 4th

Odd as it may seem, Microsoft still supports Internet Explorer and pushes security updates for it monthly. It's part of what I do in my job.

I assume it it was a Windows 7 computer system which is also no longer supported. And I also wonder if the computer/laptop or device is so old it can't support Windows 10. Just the though of how easily that package might be hacked gives me the willies LOL

Josh- you think AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo aren’t using cookies and accessing data? They all do

Gmail has far better protection from spam and phishing. Those still using the dinosaurs tend to be seniors who are more vulnerable to clicking bad links. They are much less likely to see malicious emails when using gmail, which also scans attachments for viruses.

You said 'hacked'... which is not the same as people being dummies.

But as a show of my appreciation for your effort- for every $1 in bitcoin you send me now- I will send you $2 back.

And yes.. that was real last week for those that don't know about what happened on Twitter.

..and yes countless people were dumb enough to believe it was real and sent funds.

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