Large Mouth Bass Fishing

Where are great places near Hackettstown to go Large Mouth Bass fishing without a boat? Thanks.

Eddie Eddie
Jun '20

I would go to Mountain Lake in Liberty township. The deep center is the home of lake trout and the bass live in the shallows. There is a public use area on the site of the Mountain Lake casino.

Robert J Rowe Robert J Rowe
Jun '20

I'm considering trying out Ghost Lake. Never been there but looks promising.

theolgamer theolgamer
Jun '20

Good luck at ghost lake. Some monster bass there but be prepared for lily pads!!

Booster90 Booster90
Jun '20

Re: Large Mouth Bass Fishing

Off of Califon Rd in Long Valley there is a section of ponds that have large mouth. You may need some waders and rigging that doesn’t get you caught up (Texas rig worm) to enjoy the whole perimeter. It is definitely worth checking out. The main body to try first is past the sport fields.

Happeeeman Happeeeman
Jun '20

Otter Lake Pa
Furnace Lake Oxford NJ

Joni Sattely Joni Sattely
Jun '20

there are monster largemouth in Merrill Creek. I've only ever fished it by boat, but with 6+ miles of shoreline, I'm sure you can find a nice spot somewhere.

ianimal ianimal
Jun '20

I caught my biggest largemouth to date at Merrill Creek and it was from shore using a rubber worm on a texas rig. The only downside of Merrill Creek is that the bass don't come close to shore till the near sundown (and that's when they close it.) I remember having to leave quickly afterwards.

emaxxman emaxxman
Jun '20

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