HHS last day

Does anyone know when HHS last day of schoolwork is? We have some snow days to redeem, there will be no finals, and we won't have graduation practice or class field trips, etc. All this plus the somewhat relax with Covid 19, we were hoping will shorten the school year.

May 20th

Student- I would think any information you need would be available through the online portal you are using. In addition the school website has a bunch of info as well.


In the end you could always give your guidance counselor a call or simply the office at the school to get the latest news.

Good luck!

It's supposed to be made official at tonight's board meeting.

Htown Resident Htown Resident
May 20th

According to the agenda for tonight's meeting it is scheduled to change to 6/15

concernedparent concernedparent
May 20th

Only 6/15? It seems with snow days returned, no grad rehersal, no finals or field trips, it should be much sooner than 6/15!

May 20th

Will we get the money back in our taxes for the days the teachers aren’t teaching?

Students will have 180 or 181 days of school and teachers will be working their contracted number of days. The year is ending 4 days earlier then original because additional snow days were in the calendar but they weren't used. The last day is based on school days. Finals and graduation rehearsals, which only effect the high school, do not influence the end date of school.

Res2: As someone who is caring for a Willow Grove student during this quarantine, I can absolutely assure you that the teachers ARE teaching, and are finding ever more creative ways to deliver content.

The student under my care has 3 classroom meet-ups day, for math, language arts, and science/social studies, and additional assignments that are completed online and submitted. Special subject teachers are finding ways to deliver their content-a challenge in subjects like music and art. Support staff, including guidance counselors are continuing to meet with their students.

The teachers are delivering daily messages and reading to their classes on class Dojo, and are available for communication with parents all day long.

They are working, and they are working hard, under challenging circumstances, because they care about the kids in their classes.

summerrain1 summerrain1
May 21st

Nope, sorry. There is a 200 BILLION dollar deficit owed to the retirees of NJ. Don't expect any money back until you have paid up.

dodgebaal dodgebaal
May 21st

My niece is a teacher in another state and her experience has been one of putting in more hours and expending more of her own money than ever. She creates online sessions, presentations, videos, etc. to make learning as interesting and as fun as the medium allows. She has bought software and hardware to provide the best remote experience for her students as possible. She spends much more time touching base in in one-on-one sessions making sure students are coming along.

So, Res 2, should taxpayers pay more for this? At least let her expense the additional purchases (just kidding, she does it for love of the career and a high degree of professionalism)

strangerdanger strangerdanger
May 21st

Thank you to those of you who are supporting teachers ! We appreciate it!

Strangerdanger, my daughter teaches in NJ in another district and is doing the same thing as your niece. She is spending more time than usual comong up with lessons to try to keep her students engaged and learning. She would much rather go to school and not teach from home. Additionally she has her own young children to make sure their lessons are done. It's not easy for anyone.

Parental Unit Parental Unit
May 22nd

Of course, the last week or 2 of a normal school year are completely useless: parties, movies, rehearsals, field day so it will be interesting to see just how much learning my kids will have those last couple of weeks this school year. I'm not expecting them to have much to do the last couple of weeks of the year and they'll probably just have to log on to give their attendance and then be done for the day

Wow! Jim. That’s like saying that you don’t do anything the few days(weeks) before you go on vacation! So sorry that so many have a mistaken idea about what goes on in school !

Umm I’m not mistaken. I ask my kids what they did at school during the last few weeks of the year. Movies, parties and field day. And the last 3 days of the year are half days.

It’s certainly not that way in high school

Pumpkin43 Pumpkin43
May 22nd

Res2 get a Clue !!!

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