Lawn care and Lake Hopatcong

In the past I have posted about lawn care products. Gee, this subject has been around for years as I remember discussing it in the '70's.
Last years Lake Hopatcong episode is a good example of what the runoff from these chemicals can contribute to. Some people just don't connect the mishandling of these chemicals with last summer's closing of the lake.
In our town, about two weeks ago on Willow Grove street, I witnessed a commercial lawn care company applying product with a broadcast spreader, in the rain. The product easily goes into the shoulder of the road and into puddles. It can not really be swept up. Same thing in my development. Applying in the rain and leaving the granules to sit and/or melt on the sidewalks and curb make it real easy to wash away into the Muskie(poor fish and plants).
Most companies do plan on blowing the product off the hard surfaces and back on to the lawn but, in reality it isn't always done well or at all.
I'm asking people who do choose to contract with season long, commercial applicators to make a point of requiring they thoroughly clean up all product from hard surfaces which will help save all the little critters(including your cats and dogs) and people from the ill effects of the various products that are applied.
The goal is to use just what you need and to keep it where it belongs. Also, applying before heavy rains is unconscionable but, happens all the time.
If you apply your own products, a drop spreader is useful around the perimeter of your property to keep product off your hardscapes and your neighbors property. I think commercial applicators should use a drop spreader in these areas.

I wish all lawn products would be outlawed. A green lawn vs the environmental impact is not worth it IMO.

Sacks cousin
Mar '20

I would worry about the salt on the roads. Return on the investment of your worry. Way more salt.

You have no idea what the guy was spreading to know whether it was a problem to be in the rain.

Plenty of products out there that have no environmental impact and can be applied in the rain.

Safe non iced streets are not worth the environmental impact. Poor fish. Drive at your own damn risk.

Mar '20

Agree with the salt too. When it snows I don’t drive. And if you have to, get a car that is good in the snow and/or some snow tires.

Sacks cousin
Mar '20

most Lawn care products are toxic and ruining our water. Just cut your grass high, use natural fertilizers, water, and seed annually.

Chrisp Chrisp
Mar '20

How toxic are they. Which products are you referring to and what is their LD50?

You do know ticks prefer tall grass? How are you going to effectively control?

Diseased lawns cause areas to die back, exposing soil and increase run off pollution, how do you control that?

Increased seeding will require more water and resources than a mature lawn, how will you deal with that.

Non-synthetic fertilizers live in the soil much longer and are considered ultra slow release, their extended life increases incident of run off pollution. How do you deal with that?

In this state alone, turf grass management is a multi billion dollar industry. Where do all those people work?

Very similar to DDT although I do admit a little bit of a stretch. We ended it to save birds. Turns out it was pretty effective controlling malaria. Good news-the birds are doing well. Bad news-more people die of malaria now then in the 70’s. Oh well.

It used to be open space was enough to appease the wacko’s. Now they are getting really selective on what the green space can be.

Mar '20

Ordained is small, afraid of ticks. Only people like that could argue residential fertilizer application does not contribute to algae blooms.

And what do you define as a "wacko"

Mar '20

Also good to hear that you oppose open space.

Mar '20

Not opposed to open space. Just laugh that now you want to dictate what it’s made up of.

Turf cover prevents erosion, which prevents pollution. Properly applied fertilizer, is safe for the environment and promotes less pests and inputs as the turf is healthy.

Relax. Lake Hopatcong was fine if it was in NY or CT.

Facts. Does a body good. Move on.

Mar '20

Great points ordained.

Sue Heck Sue Heck
Mar '20

A new year and I'm back again beating the same drum(of of lawn chemicals, that is.)

As Ordained said last year. "Properly applied fertilizer is safe for the environment..."
I agree with that statement. My contention has always been appliers who do not apply fertilizer properly. Just this morning, I walked past two Lawn Doctor jobs with plenty of lawn chemical product left behind in the street... just waiting for today's rain to wash it down to the river.
The sign they leave behind says that it's pesticide. I know that is not good for the waterways. Not much is good for the waterways.. maybe lime is ok.
There was also a home owner who left scads of something all over the sidewalk so, I'm not just bashing the lawn care industry. I mention Lawn Doctor because they have been very bad at cleaning up in my area... for years. They never change. It's the fault of the local Lawn Doctor's management. They have a responsibility to the community.
When you add a cup of lawn chemicals here and a cup there, from jobs all over our county, you could just as well cut open a full bag of some lawn care product and dump it over the bridge directly into he river.

If you took just one small grain of a lawn care product and dropped it into a glass of water, no one would want to drink it. If you watch your beloved pet lying on its bed and licking its paws clean and then somehow realized their paws had just walked across pesticides during your walk, you would be mad.
This is what makes me mad. Some combination of careless, ignorant and/or selfish people who put others in harms way.

Please just inspect your lawn care companies job. Make sure there is no product on your or your neighbor's sidewalks, driveways or street and if heavy rains are in the forecast they should not be applying that day.

If you or a loved one gets cancer, you think long and hard about what all is flying around your environment.

Nothing wrong with a few weeds in the yard. The best lawn is a natural lawn IMO. I see those fancy lawns with the white flags and the kids/pets in the yard and cringe.

Sacks cousin
1 week ago

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